Reactions to and Key Things about Marijuana Legalization in Canada

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Reactions to and Key Things about Marijuana Legalization in Canada

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October 17, 2018 is around the corner. It’s a big day for the cannabis industry: Canada is becoming the first large country to make pot legal for adults.


“How Marijuana Legalization in Canada is Leading the Western World into a New Age?” You might have received big questions like this one from your friends or your colleagues. And your answer might look like:

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Or you might have received other questions in a less formal manner: what effect do you think this will have? And your answer might be:

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Seriously, what key things should we learn on this remarkable day?

18 and Older Only

In Canada, you can buy marijuana online or in retail stores if you are 18 and older.  You can buy up to 30 grams at once or possess in public.

What’s more, if you like, you can grow up to four plants at home, as long as you do not reside in Quebec and Manitoba, where home growing is prohibited.

What’s on the Menu?

Currently, only dried cannabis flower, tinctures, capsules, and seeds are available for sale.

Government Involvement

the federal government regulates producers. Canada so far has licensed some 120 growers (huge companies). The provinces are tasked with overseeing distribution.

Impaired Driving

Officers will, for now, rely on traditional observations in enforcing driving laws, but provinces say they could adopt saliva tests if one is approved by the federal government.

Border Crossings

It remains illegal to bring marijuana into the U.S. and you can be barred from crossing for admitting to marijuana use.

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Source: AP News


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