“You Smoke Weed?” A Redditor Asked Senator Bernie Sanders

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“You Smoke Weed?” A Redditor Asked Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders supports marijuana legalization

4 days before the midterm elections 2018, Senator Bernie Sanders joined Reddit. There were tons of questions raised, ranging from climate change to healthcare system to education system to favorite book.

Senator Sanders totally answered 12 of them, the third of which is “you smoke weed?”

“When I was a young man, I did smoke marijuana on several occasions. For me, the result was a lot of coughing.” Senator Sanders recalled. Then he expressed his strong support for the legalization of marijuana.

Senator Bernie Sanders supports marijuana legalization

As you could imagine, lots of replies followed. Among them, I found this one quite special.

support for the legalization of marijuana

What do you think of this reaction to the legalization of marijuana? And do you have any questions for Senator Sanders?


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