Why Does Your Cannabis Flowers Need a Secondary Packaging?

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Why Does Your Cannabis Flowers Need a Secondary Packaging?

folded cartons custom printed as secondary cartons

From a branding perspective, a folding carton as secondary packaging provides 6 billboards.

Two Common Ways to Store Cannabis Flowers

Smoking cannabis flower is still one of the most popular ways to use cannabis. At most dispensaries, cannabis flowers are stored in two ways:

  • Barrier bags
  • Bottles, jars, vials, and containers (glass or plastic)
Pouches for cannabis flowers
Cannabis flowers are often stored in pouches.
glass jars for cannabis flowers
Glass jars are often used to store cannabis flowers.
Primary Packaging vs Secondary Packaging

The barrier bags and glass jars mentioned above are primary packagings that contain the cannabis flowers directly.

This image from How To Buy Packaging illustrates the different levels of packaging.

secondary packaging products for cannabis flowers
In the cannabis packaging industry, secondary packaging matters from the branding and labeling perspective

Simply put, folding cartons can serve as secondary packaging for cannabis flowers, which are stored direcly in the barrier bags or glass jars (as primary packaging).

Benefits of Secondary Packaging
  • Additional protection from potential flower smash, especially for barrier bags
  • Invaluable room for labeling and branding purposes, especially for glass or plastic bottles, jars, vials, and other containers
folding cartons are good secondary packaging option
Folding cartons, serving as secondary packaging, provide invaluable space for innovative branding designs to make your cannabis brand stand out.
paper box serves as secondary packaging for cannabis flowers
A custom paper box (secondary packaging) not only protects the glass bottle, but also tells the brand story.
folding boxes as secondary packaging for cannabis flowers
A folding carton has six sides. They could be six billboards. This is why cannabis brand owners like you in the ever-changing marijuana industry are seeking custom folding cartons.

All in all, a small paper box serving as secondary packaging could play a major role in your successful branding efforts.

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