Paper Tube: An Eco-Friendly Cannabis Flower Packaging Solution

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Paper Tube: An Eco-Friendly Cannabis Flower Packaging Solution

cannabis bud tube packaging

A trimmed cannabis bud fits perfectly with a paper tube thanks to their similar shape.

Why “100% Environmentally Friendly Packaging” Required?

“How about trying paper tube packaging for your cannabis flowers?”

This is exactly what I reply to my marijuana growing facilities clients who are looking for “unique and 100% environmentally friendly packaging” for their cannabis buds.

It’s easy to see the reason behind: creative packaging is the key to the retail success.

But why “100% environmentally friendly” then? Well, a smart differentiation strategy.

For a long time, cannabis flowers are found in glass jars, plastic vials, and mylar bags. They might come in various sizes and styles.

However, their shared problem is that all of these packaging materials are not biodegradable. It means that they are not 100% eco-friendly.

As The Marijuana Times puts, “customers have inquired about possible recycling programs for things such as used jars and vape cartridges, but none exist yet .”

Benefits of Paper Tube Packaging for Marijuana Flowers

100% Eco-Friendly and Reusable

Made of biodegradable paperboard materials, used paper tubes will not harm the environment. Yes, we are talking about a paper tube’s environmental advantage over other cannabis buds packaging options like glass jars and plastic vials.

how to reuse reuse paper tubes
Before you discard a paper tube, ask yourself if your boy wants a little potted plant.
paper tube toy
Or if your naughty boy doesn’t want a potted plant, try this instead.

Sturdy and Airtight, Paper Tubes Protect Cannabis Flowers Perfectly.

As we all know, paperboard tubes are used to store wine bottles, T-shirts, art works, and other fragile products. The idea of tube packaging cannabis flower is borrowed from this packaging practice.

The cylinder shape perfectly fits a whole branch of dry cannabis bud. Plug the branch into the tube bottle, the tube body protects the cannabis bud reliably. Buds that are cut into smaller sizes could also be stored in the paper tube.

cannabis bud tube packaging
A trimmed cannabis bud fits perfectly with a paper tube thanks to theri similar shape.
cannabis flower paper tubes packaging
A small paperboard tube customized to store a whole cannabis bud.

Higher Customer Perceived Value

Thanks to paperboard tubes’ elegant and stylish cylinder shape that differentiates from other packaging solutions, a tube packaged cannabis flower will be eye-catching. As the cannabis industry becomes more and more competitive, cannabis brand owners are trying every possible means to make their brand stand out. Unique and custom packaging proves to be an effective branding and marketing method.

Let the unique shape speak.

Best Dispensary Retail Presence

Custom printing means you could include all the required information and branding elements on the paper tube. This is more natural than a sticker or lable usually applied on a glass bottle or plastic vial. Custom logo design defenitely helps maximize your brand influences.

elegant cylinder packaging for cannabis flowers
A custom printed paper tube is the best place to tell the brand story of your cannabis flowers.

As you will find out, being eco-friendly and biodegradable is more than a real bonus. Paper tube could prove to be a favorable packaging option for cannabis flowers.

Why not take the lead now?

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