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February 20, 2019
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Vaping is Cool

customizable cardboard packaing box for vaporizer pen
customizable cardboard packaing box for e-cigarette vaporizer pen

pic by vape_stefan:

I had no idea what smoking really means until I entered the e-cigarette industry.

When I was a schoolboy, I was told by teachers that smoking is a deviant act. “Only bad students with poor grades smoke,” said my teachers. Those “bad” students usually smole in public toilets.

The public toilets are very dirty. Years after graduation, I still don’t understand: for those smokers, which one is stronger? The smell of burning cigarettes or the odor from the toilet?

After I entered the e-cigarette industry, I realized that e-cigarettes are much cooler than ordinary cigarettes!

In China, the idiom “swallowing clouds and then vomiting” is often used to describe how an experienced smoker smokes skilfully. When the smoke is spit out, it feels like the smoker is in fairyland.

Before I knew e-cigarette, I always thought it super cool to watching smokers inhaling and spitting out smoke in the toilet.

Now I am sure that it is an e-cigarette vaper who is literally “swallowing clouds and then vomiting.”

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