The Cannabis Packaging Industry We Serve and Our Products

How to Create the Perfect Packaging for Your Cannabis Product
How to Create the Perfect Packaging for Your Cannabis Product
March 18, 2019
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The Cannabis Packaging Industry We Serve and Our Products

The Cannabis Packaging Industry We Serve and Our Products

The legal cannabis industry is fast growing and it creates huge business opportunities for investors and new companies. According to Forbes, the market for legal marijuana in the United States, was 6.7 billion dollars in 2018. North American sales are estimated to top 20.2 billion by 2021 assuming a 25% year over year growth which is pretty reasonable.  As the marijuana industry begins to see rapid growth, how do you differentiate your business from your competitors? We will show you that at Marijuana Packaging Solution. 

A few years ago, industry players were so few that branding, packaging and marketing needed just a little effort and strategy. As more companies exploit the opportunities with a progressive cannabis market growth, legal cannabis providers find themselves in a position where branding matters.

Unlike many other industries, the game is all about differentiating within a narrow scope. Since buyer’s choice is a concern, established brands in the space communicate professionalism and trustworthiness.

A great branding starts with a strong name and a strong logo. Today, many marijuana companies invest in effective graphic and packaging design. Companies like Marijuana Packaging Solution offer a top-notch packaging service for a wide range of cannabis products. Memorable logos are more likely to attract consumers’ attention. Good packaging is considered to more likely to get a positive response from consumers 72% of the time. Therefore strong branding is significant.

Most marketing experts agree that the biggest opportunity in the industry for cannabis businesses especially for dispensaries is in design and packaging. We specialize particularly in packaging solutions that improve product quality and create a good impression to consumers.

Think about your brand packaging! How can your brand and product packaging stand out in the dispensary when a consumer has to decide on picking a choice from many different brands? As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, you will need to differentiate in an increasingly crowded market. Branding and product packaging isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

While we discuss the need for packaging, some questions regarding the sector arise. These questions will be

  • What types of cannabis products are legally commercial?
  • What type of packaging fits the legal cannabis product?

To answer these questions, we must first highlight some of the common legal commercial or medical cannabis which include:

  • Cannabidiols (CBD) also called Cannabis oil
  • Cannabis beauty and skin care products
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Oral spray (Sativex,a combination of THC and CBD)
  • Cannabis beverages
  • Cannabis chocolates
  • Cannabis capsules
  • Joints

CBD  Oil

Cannabidiols (CBD) are rich cannabis oil which can be consumed in different ways. CBD is a remedy to many ailments. One of the best ways to consumed CBD oil is by inhaling it via vaporizers called vapes. We offer different types of packaging solutions to package CBD oil cartridge:

Vape Cartridge Packaging

  1. vape cartridge paper box (slider box, tuck box, and flip top box; child-resistant version available; viewing window available; EVA foam and paper insert available)
  2. Vape cartridge childproof plastic box.
  3. Vape cartridge paper tube with a child resistant version available.
  4. Vape cartridge blister pack with a cardboard blister card available.

CBD Syringe Packaging

CBD syringe is a medicated material infused with some milligram of CBD to administer intravenous cannabis. These syringe packaging help to store syringe in neat and humid-free casing for use.

Concentrate Packaging

Edible marijuana like beverages, cannabis flower and chocolate are fondly stored in containers that will preserve flavour and maintain freshness. These containers are usually designed to be eco-friendly hence, the use of plastic material is avoided by companies.

Innovative containers like glass jars, paperboard, paper tube packaging and mylar bags.

Hemp oil are also stored in glass oil droppers instead of plastic containers as an effort to go green.

Mini shatter envelopes have been designed to store cannabis flower.


Child resistance is one of the major concerns of the cannabis packaging industry. Children tend to put objects in their mouth. Ingesting cannabis products for children is not a good idea so child resistance is a sellable packaging innovation.

Joints are the most consumed forms of cannabis. Rolls need to be stored in humid free packages and also retain their flavor until consumption. Often, rolls lose a tangible amount of flavor due to poor packaging. This is one of the selling points of most cannabis brands.

Over time, innovative designs and packages have added spice to the competitive industry. Rolls are stored in tubes or boxes.

Innovative packages like child resistant slide boxes and custom made storage boxes. There are also child resistant tubes which are aesthetic sensitive and not harmful to the ecosystem.

Overall, the cannabis industry requires packaging services that put all detail into consideration and provide viable solutions to the industry. In recent times, there are electronic vaporizers and burners that allow consumers to enjoy cannabis products in a new way.

Aside from brand attractiveness, two of the major problems innovative packaging solves are pollution through the use of recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials; and preserving the freshness of the products they contain.

Cannabis branding and packaging is a sophisticated activity that stands out and keeps innovating new ways to present their brands to consumers. An attractive pre-roll box, a child resistant mylar bag, vape pod packaging box or any other cutting edge packaging could throw a brand to limelight and cause millions of consumers purchase their products.

Choose the best packaging for your brand today and stand out from your competitors. Marijuana Packaging Solution as the name implies, focuses specifically on cannabis packaging solutions. Our innovation is to make better marijuana packaging paper boxes for the ever-changing cannabis industry.

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