510 Oil Cartridge Custom Printed

CBD vape cartridges wholesale; Custom printed.

You might have browsed tons of websites offering 510 oil cartridges before landing on ours. And you might be surprised at the relatively low prices we offer. Yes, you read it right. We are a manufacturer of vape pen kits and we offer cheap vape carts for wholesale.

Low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. As a vape cartridge manufacturer, we are able to effectively control the production costs. And thanks to the relatively cheap energy and raw material, and low labor costs here in China, we always offer a lower wholesale price without impairing the quality of our CBD vaporizer cartridges.

Oftentimes our customers are those participants in both the recreational and medical cannabis industries. These participants include licensed producers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, dispensaries and retailers. They are the brand-conscious cannabis business entrepreneurs just like you. They are determined to get their marijuana products branded. We are required to custom print their logos and brand names on the cartridges.


  • Round tip
  • 510 thread (fits for most vape pen batteries)
  • Glass tank
  • 1.0/0.5ml capacity

For your information, we also manufacture packaging boxes for vape pen cartridges. Alike the cartridges, all packaging boxes are custom printed. All we do is to help get your cannabis products fly out of the crowded shelf!

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