Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging Book Style Box

Key Features

  • Book Style Magnetic Closure
  • Paper separator/paper insert
  • Soft foam insert embedded
  • Completely customizable options
  • Designed especially for delicate, fragile products


Custom Book Style Box For Pre Rolls Packaging

As the cannabis industry evolves, it’s becoming increasingly similar to other product areas.
Branding is becoming to matter, especially as larger cannabis entities purchase dispensaries and growing areas.

Cannabis companies of all sizes are in higher demand for unique and creative packaging to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Competition is ramping up in every aspect. We developed this packaging solution for customers that are seeking unique pre-rolls packaging.

The cannabis pre roll packaging box is a book-style rigid box that comes with two side flaps. The magnetic closure makes it safe and luxury-feel to pack your pre-rolls, joints, and blunts.

We also embed a paper separator so you can either pack 3 pre rolls, 5 joints, or any amount you need for each box.

Fully Printable Magnetic Book Style Box

You can print all your designed artwork onto the box surface, the box flap, and even the paper separator.

By adapting some paper finishing, like spot gloss, gold foiling, silk screen printing and etc, you can add value to your designs and make them more nice-looking.
To take it further, we can also use more luxurious materials, like fancy paper, leather-like paper to wrap the box. It will surely take your packaging onto another level: luxury and unique.

Try this cannabis pre roll packaging box out.

Deluxe Rigid Gift Box For Pre Rolls Packaging

The book style box is surely an eye-catching shape among all pre-roll packagings.
Imaging clients open up the box like open a book, your well-made pre rolls will pop up after they open the box flap.
Customers tend to buy products that are packed in interesting packaging, it’s surely one of the key factors for a perfect shopping experience before they really digest your cannabis products.


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