1How do we work?
Step 1: Tell us the packaging you are looking for and the order quantity;

Step 2: We quote you our best price;

Step 3: Tell us the dimensions of your product-to-be-packed. If possible, ship your product to us, helping us make the packaging a perfect fit for your product;

Step 4: We send you the dieline/template on which you add your artwork and product information, for custom printing purposes;

Step 5: We make physical samples for your review;

Step 6: Place an order for mass production;

Step 7: Door-to-door shipping.
2How do I put what I would like designed on the box/template?
To properly place your designed artwork on the template we provided you, we recommend referring to our general Design & Artwork Guideline.

If you still need assistance after going through our guidelines, you can alternatively contact our sales representatives to request some additional support.
3Can I get some samples for free?
For standard packagings, the samples are free of charge. However, we need to charge a shipping fee of $30 since we are shipping from China by air.

For customized packagings, we need to charge a sample fee of $30-$100 (depending on the packaging type and custom printing requirement). This is because it takes time and incurs manufacturing costs to custom make a sample packaging product, even a blank one. When you place a larger order, we can credit the cost of the samples towards that purchase.
4What's the relationship between our company and marijuanapackaging.com?
These are two completely different companies with domains that accidentally look similar, thus confusing.

We are marijuanapackagingsolution.com (MPS). We are a China-based paper packaging manufacturer specializing in cannabis packaging solutions.

marijuanapackaging.com is a USA-based online wholesale supplier for dispensary head shops and smoke shops.
5What's the MOQ?
MOQ for our paperboard box is 1,000 pcs, and that for our paperboard tube is 3,000 pcs. In most cases, MOQ is negotiable. However, for a lower-than-MOQ order, the unit cost will be higher.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] or chat live with us via the Facebook Messenger on the right bottom.
6Can I customize the box shape or size?
Yes. This is what we do. Each packaging product can be custom made to fit your product to be packed. Tell us the dimensions of your product and we will handle the rest.
7What's the turnaround time?
2-5 working days for samples, 14-16 working days for bulk order.
8How do you deliver the order?
We deliver orders via reliable carriers including but not limited to DHL, FedEx, and Ups. It takes 3-4 days to arrive in North America.
9Are there any extra services that you can provide?
We can help design your artwork on our box template if you find yourself not good at computer. You need to tell us your branding ideas and send us high-resolution images.
10What does custom printing mean?
We custom make the packaging products based on your product specifics. This is what we mean by Custom Packaging.

Custom printing is a service we offer, which means you could basically have any designs appeared on the cartons for your cannabis products and vaping devices.
11What types of special surface finishes are available?
Gloss or matt lamination, UV coating, embossing & debossing, foil stamping, glittering, flocking, etc.
12As a paper packaging factory, why does MPS also sell non-paper packaging, including mylar bags, blisters, and metal/tin boxes?
Yes, MPS is a paper packaging factory specializing in marijuana packaging solutions. Our most significant advantage is paper packaging.

Some clients purchase paper packaging from us at the very first beginning. With the deepening of the cooperation and trust, most of them ask us to help source non-paper packaging, including mylar bags, blisters, and metal/tin boxes.

We made rigid boxes (or, let’s say, “hand-crafted boxes”), so we use add-ons and accessories a lot, like blister packs, mylar bags, tins, and so on. Therefore, we have a stable supply chain for such products.

Meanwhile, we’re based in China, the world’s factory. We have good connections in the packaging (paper and non-paper alike) industry. So We can get those jobs done because we are so near to so many packaging factories specializing in various sectors.

Honestly, for such sourcing jobs, we do add minimal profits for our time and efforts. Hopefully, this could help you understand why MPS lists some non-paper packaging on our website.