A4 Ceramic Cartridge
A4 Ceramic Cartridge
October 8, 2018
A3 Cartridge
A3 Cartridge
October 8, 2018
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G2 Cartridge


510 CBD Vape Pen Atomizer THC Oil Tank Cartridge

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Model: G2


THC tank volume: 0.4ml/0.5ml/0.8ml/1.0ml


Weight: 23g/25g/28g/30g


E-cigarette size: 130.5*9.2mm/135.5*9.2mm/143*9.2mm/153*9.2mm


Atomizer size: 52.5*9.2mm/57.5*9.2mm/65*9.2mm/75*9.2mm


Color of atomizer: High transparent


Battery size: 82*9.2mm


Color of battery: White; Stainless; Green; Purple; Red; Rose; Yellow; Blue


Resistance: 2.0Ω


Injection operation: From top


Coils: Irreplaceable


Thread: 510; EGO thread


CBD Vape OEM supported


Packaging: Transparent Tube 155*11mm/155*11mm/171*11mm/171*11mm