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December 4, 2018
Child Resistant Rounded Paper Tube
December 5, 2018
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Child Resistant Folding Carton


Safe secondary packaging for CBD oil bottles and other cannabis products containers



This child resistant folding box features a tray with two thin tabs. These two tabs lock into two openings on the edge of the outer box. The tray is accessible by pressing the two tabs simultaneously and sliding the tray out of the outer box. It is hard for young children to finish this three-step process. But adults can open it easily with the help of simple instructions printed on the outer box.

This folding box with CR functionality can be custom printed. It is an ideal secondary packaging solution for optimal retail presence.


  • Size: Customizable depending on your cannabis products or primary packaging
  • Style: Tuck box with insert tray
  • Function: Safe secondary packaging for pre-filled vaporizer cartridges, disposable vape pods, vape pens, CBD oil bottles, cannabis-infused edibles and extracts, and any other cannabis-based products.
  • Material: Eco-friendly paper box. It’s our part to save the planet from global warming through recyclable boxes.
  • MOQ: 1000 pcs

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