Tincture Packaging Magnetic Box

Rigid magnetic ring box for CBD tincture packaging.

Custom Printing Tincture Packaging Magnetic Box

CBD tinctures are usually poured and stored in a dropper bottle, a squeeze bottle, or a glass vial.
These bottles deserve a nice designed and made secondary packaging, on which brands can print all the product information, ingredients, logo, and company information.
Dropper bottle paper boxes are the most seen packaging ideas for such tincture bottles.
Though, if you are putting your brand in a higher position and expecting your packaging to match or even exceed your product’s quality and image, a rigid box can be a better choice.

Luxury Cannabis Tincture Packaging

We developed this packaging for customers that has high requirements for branding and marketing purposes in every aspect.
The idea comes from a display ring box. The box comes with a rigid and sturdy box body and a magnetic flap.

The robust cardboard box can protect your CBD tincture bottles safely and well.

Moreover, it can act as a display box and showcase in your dispensary when the box is open.

Full Range Of Customization In Sizes And Printing Methods

There is plenty of space on the box that you can print all kinds of artwork on it.

You can custom this tincture packaging magnetic box into any size to fit your CBD tinctures, cannabis tinctures, or any other herbal or medical tinctures.
To best protect your product, you can also custom a soft foam insert that comes with a custom cavity, or a paper insert if you are more eco-friendliness oriented.

When needed, we can also embed a clear PVC window onto the box so customers can see the nice tincture product you are selling.

Looking For Tincture Packaging Box Samples?

If you are impressed by this packaging idea and looking to proceed further, we can make a digital printing sample free for you.
(Though there is a sample shipping fee involved).
With the custom-made size and artwork, you can see real packaging and test it with your product.

Seeing is believing, we always suggest our customers go with a custom printing tincture packaging box sample to test out before placing your order.

More CBD Tincture Packaging Ideas?

Still not settle yet and intend to explore more CBD tincture packaging ideas? check this out.

Or reach out to our sales team and let us provide professional suggestions according to your requirement: [email protected]


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