Child-Safe Box for Cannabis Candies, Gummies, and Lollipops

Inner space customizable to house your cannabis sweets.

These child-safe boxes are designed to serve as the secondary packaging for cannabis candies, cannabis gummies, and cannabis lollipops. CR mylar pouches, of course, are the perfect packaging choice for cannabis-infused edibles. However, as a cannabis-specific paper packaging manufactory, we always play our role to offer more packaging options for your cannabis sweets.

Rigid Box with Child-Safe Button Protecting Children from Potential Risks

This child-safe slide rigid box equips with a childproof button. Generally, it serves as secondary containers for cannabis hard candies, cannabis oil gummies, or cannabis-infused lollipops. What calls for special attention is that these attractive snacks are made for adults only. On account of this, our child-safe box is necessary to prevent children from eating cannabis-infused snacks.

High-quality Materials Offering Best Shield for your Cannabis Sweets

This child-safe rigid box starts as 36 to 120 pt. sheets (or is called chipboard/grey-board/plain-board) overlaid with printed paper wraps. The current technology also supports colored chipboard that can make it colored from inside to outside. Thanks to its quality, colored chipboard will set off your cannabis-infused sweets more expensive and luxurious, but the cost will be higher accordingly.

Rigid packaging boxes are real ideal packaging solutions for smaller, top-notch items. They possess higher density, higher strength, and a well-mannered texture. Thus, they provide adequate resistance to moisture (water, steam) and air. It also maintains high mechanical strength in dry and wet conditions to ensure the reliability of packaging. In this respect, the rigid box outperforms packaging boxes of other materials.

Due to the characteristics of raw materials and their thickness, this box can withstand a higher level of impact. If you still need a higher level of protection, we also have customized insert options to meet your needs.

Endless Customization Options

For decoration, we wrap these rigid boxes with different materials. There is a wide range of alternative materials for wrapping. They can be all kinds of paper of different textures or fabrics of different colors and finishes. Any combination is available in Marijuana Packaging Solutions, of course, in the context of a biodegradable, recyclable or compostable environment.

Various assemblies convey different senses of feelings, such as prestige, luxury, elegance, and quality. For many customers, this child-safe rigid box is not a one-time consumable but a reusable handicraft. From this point of view, a rigid box provides a positive opportunity for your brand to be impressive.

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