Concentrate Packaging

In this collection, you can explore as many concentrates packaging options as you can imagine. Currently, we have 28 custom concentrate packaging options and counting.

As you can see, we offer secondary (exterior) concentrate packaging instead of primary packaging (i.e., wax containers). You might also notice that most of our wax packaging is made of paper and cardboard. This is because we are a cannabis-specific paper packaging manufacturer. We are here to help elevate your cannabis concentrates brand with custom concentrate packaging.

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Secondary Dab Packaging vs. Primary Dab Packaging

When we talk about dab packaging, many of us think of small dab containers. For cannabis concentrates, these glass/plastic/silicon containers can be categorized as primary packaging that directly stores the concentrates. They are usually airtight and smell-proof. These dab containers usually come in a capacity of 1 gram and 2 grams. A dab container usually comes with a child-resistant cap (a push-and-rotate type, in most cases). Due to this, secondary dab packaging doesn’t have to be childproof in many states.

While a dab container (primary dab packaging) directly accommodates the precious cannabis extracts, secondary packaging refers to exterior packaging that houses the dab container. This exterior packaging protects the dab container inside from breaking during transportation and distribution. More importantly, a custom printed exterior packaging serves for branding and marketing purposes by carrying the necessary product information and telling your brand’s story.

We believe that precious cannabis extracts deserve quality primary packaging, which deserves quality secondary packaging. Quality primary dab packaging stores your concentrate better, while quality secondary dab packaging helps your cannabis extracts sell better.

Introducing Five Secondary Custom Concentrate Packaging Options

In terms of packaging style, we have folding cartons, rigid boxes, paper tubes, paper envelopes, and blister clamshells. In terms of material, we have paper/cardboard packaging and blister packaging.

Product positioning, a form of marketing that presents the benefits of your product to a particular target audience, is a key factor when deciding the packaging solution for your cannabis concentrate. Generally, there are three tiers, including high-end products, mid-range products, and low-price products. In the case you are introducing a high-end product, we would recommend a rigid box instead of a folding carton.

You should also consider your packaging budget. For a cannabis start-up with a tight budget, we would recommend a folding carton (or even a blister pack) instead of a rigid box.

Buckle in. We will list the pros and cons of each custom concentrate packaging option to help you make an informed packaging decision for your concentrate brand.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons, the most classical packaging style, are widely used to pack wax jars, as expected. We produce thousands of folding cartons each and every day for the cannabis industry. Folding cartons are so popular that they are favored by both big cannabis brands and small cannabis start-ups.

  1. Box styles: Reverse tuck end (RTE) box, straight tuck end (STE) box, tuck top snap-lock bottom (TTSLB), tuck top auto bottom (TTAB).
  2. Viewing window: Customizable in size and shape.
  3. Hang tab: Paper or PVC (we would recommend a paper hang tab to make our planet a better place); Customizable in size and shape.
  4. Insert Paper or foam (again, we would recommend a paper one); Customizable in size and shape.
  5. Best use with: All kinds of glass dab containers.
  6. Suitable for: Mid-range and low-price cannabis concentrate products.
  7. PROS: 100% recyclable, sustainable, cost-effective, and easy assembly (with the auto-bottom box being the ultra-fast one).
  8. CONS: Not good for heavy products (Luckily, almost all cannabis wax containers are lightweight); Not good for cannabis concentrate products with a very high-end product positioning.

Rigid Boxes

Before reading further, we recommend watching this video showing how we make a rigid box.

In the retailing world, big brands undoubtedly choose rigid boxes (set-up boxes) for their high-end products to gain higher customer perceived value. This applies to the cannabis industry. Premium cannabis concentrate is so precious that it deserves quality rigid box packaging.

  1. Lid style: Telescope lids (full/partial telescope, classic shoebox, shell and slide, and shouldered box), hinged lids (flip top, book-style, and clamshell-style), and with many variations customizable.
  2. See-through window: Customizable in size and shape.
  3. Magnetic closure: Optional.
  4. Ribbon pulls: Available.
  5. Thumb cuts for easy opening: Available.
  6. Best fit: High-end cannabis concentrate.
  7. PROS: The best packaging choice for high-end brand/product positioning; Incomparable protection for wax containers (even a heavy one); 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  8. CONS: More expensive than folding cartons.

Paper Tubes

A paper tube (cardboard cylinder) is a perfect alternative to typical paper boxes (folding cartons and rigid boxes) if you want to think out of the box, literally. This should be an effective way for your cannabis wax product to distinguish itself from others on a crowded dispensary shelf.

  1. Lid style: Full telescope (short cap/tall cap/equal height cap), lid-off tubes, and telescoping tubes.
  2. See-through window: Customizable in size and shape.
  3. Insert: Optional in paper or foam (again, we would recommend a paper one); Customizable in size and shape.
  4. Ribbon pulls: Available.
  5. Best use with: Rounded jars.
  6. PROS: A less commonly seen packaging style on the marketplace and easier to stand out; 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  7. CONS: Shipping cost is relatively higher for larger paper tubes (sea shipping recommended).

Blister Packs

As far as we know, some of our clients used blister packaging for their wax containers before turning to us for a more sustainable paper packaging solution. You might also ask: you are a paper packaging factory; why do you also offer non-paper packaging, including blister packs? Please refer to Q&A#11 here.

  1. Style: Clamshell and trapped blister.
  2. Insert card: Customizable in size and shape.
  3. Hang tab: Customizable in size and shape.
  4. Best use with: All kinds of custom dab containers.
  5. PROS: Being clear and transparent, a blister pack offers incomparable product display; Cost-effective (especially for bulk orders).
  6. CONS: Not as sustainable as paper packaging.

Paper Envelopes

A paper envelope is designed to contain a flat object. When entering the cannabis world, a paper envelope seems to naturally fit cannabis shatter, which is hard and flat.

  1. Closure style: Tuck-in closure, glue flap closure, and buckle.
  2. See-through window: Customizable in size and shape.
  3. Best use with: Hard and solid shatter.
  4. PROS: Cost-effective; 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  5. CONS: Careful handling is required to prevent the shatter from breaking.

Our Best-Selling Paper Wax Packaging

We’ve been involved in the cannabis packaging industry since 2014. We are proudly making paper wax packaging for hundreds of cannabis brands. Among our offerings, these are the best-selling paper wax packaging.

Wax Container Folding Carton

It’s fair to say that almost all cannabis wax brands are using or considering using a folding carton to pack their wax containers. A folding carton is a packaging style that just cannot be ignored.

One noticeable thing is that more and more clients prefer an auto-bottom box for easier handling. Big extractors produce tons of jars of wax at a time. Cost-effective wax folding cartons are the best choice.

Even though folding cartons, compared with rigid boxes and in terms of box style, are less associated with luxury products. Still, a folding carton with well-designed graphics and proper embellishments can make up for this shortcoming. We see many clients submitting creative artwork for their custom branded folding cartons. All have proved to be great concentrates packaging.

Check out for more details on this wax container folding carton.

Telescopic Rigid Concentrate Box

The biggest selling point of this telescopic rigid concentrate box is the solemn unboxing experience. It naturally fits a formal occasion. Unlike quickly opening a folding carton, we usually remove a rigid box’s lid from its base slowly. We closely look at the concentrate jar inside before taking it out. This telescopic rigid box is so adorable that we spontaneously collect it instead of throwing it in the garbage can.

We highly recommend this telescopic concentrate box for your high-end wax product among your brand portfolio.

Please note that we can use different paper substrates, including black card stock, kraft card stock, and other colored card stock.

Click here for more information about this telescopic rigid concentrate box.

Magnetic Dab Packaging Box

This newly developed magnetic dab packaging box is favored by many of our clients. With a magnetic closure, this magnetic dab packaging box creates a crisp sound when you open and close it. We believe it’s an auditory enjoyment for the dab buyers.

We use a paper insert instead of a foam insert for two reasons. Firstly, we aim to make our planet a better place by creating a 100% paper box. Secondly, we would like to ensure that every inch of this box is custom printable.

This magnetic dab packaging box is suitable for your mid-range and high-end wax products. Click here.

Where and How to Purchase Wax Packaging Boxes Bulk?

Speaking of labor-intensive industries, China is unmatched by any other country in the world. Printing and packaging are one of the labor-intensive industries. With no doubt, every purchasing manager should first consider sourcing bulk wax packaging boxes from China, the world’s factory.

Being a paper packaging manufacturer doesn’t make us special. It is our specialization in cannabis packaging solutions that make us like no other. We are confident that we know the cannabis industry better than our peers, who provide packaging solutions for various industries. In Shenzhen, China’s packaging capital, we are the leading cannabis-specific paper packaging manufacturer.

Tips for US-based buyers: You are collecting quotes on wax packaging boxes online. You will face both a US-based packaging/graphics designing company and a China-based paper packaging manufacturer like us. If the US-based company informs you of a lead time of 20 to 22 days, it is more than likely this US-based company is a middleman/dealer sourcing from a China-based source manufacturer like us. It takes this middleman/dealer 15-17 days to source these wax packaging boxes from China. It takes another 3-5 days to deliver to you after the items arrive at their warehouse.

It’s a smart move to bulk buy wax packaging boxes directly from a source manufacturer like us. Feeling nervous about working with a China-based paper packaging manufacturer? Please check here to see how these happy US clients speak of our packaging and service.

FAQ about Concentrate Packaging

Q: My concentrate container comes with a CR cap. Does the secondary/outer box have to be child-resistant?

A: No, the secondary/outer box doesn’t have to be child-resistant if your concentrate container (primary) comes with a CR cap.

Q: Can I split the minimum of 1,000 into multiple strains/flavors?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Do you also sell dabs containers?

A: Sorry, but we don’t sell dabs containers. We are a cannabis-specific paper packaging manufacturer, and we make paper packaging only. You are expected to buy them elsewhere and then inform us of the dabs container dimensions (width/diameter and total height).

Q: Can I ship a sample wax jar to you to customize the box size?

A: Absolutely yes! A physical sample wax jar will help us accurately determine the box size, especially the paper/foam insert cavity housing the wax jar.

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