Custom Dab Containers Magnetic Box For Square Concentrate Jars

Key Features

  • Recyclable rigid magnetic box
  • Mini magnetic ring box specially for cannabis concentrates
  • All-black deluxe paper material
  • Custom size & printing possibilities

MOQ: 1000PCS

Custom dab containers packaging hinged box with a magnetic closure and foam insert.
A textured black art paper packaging solution for your marijuana concentrates.


Recyclable Custom Dab Containers Paper Boxes With Black Art Paper

We develop this magnetic book-style box for customers that don’t like regular tuck end boxes and seek rigid box packaging.
It’s a rigid box that comes from thick and robust cardboard and printed paper wrapped.
We use printed black art paper to decorate the whole box to endow an upscale look.
There is no PE lamination on the whole box, so there is zero plastic used in this packaging.


Mini Magnetic Flap Box For Cannabis Concentrates Packaging

A majority of brands are still using wax boxes (light tuck end boxes) for concentrate jars.
They are cost-effective, easy to customize, and fully biodegradable.
Though some brands are not fans of thin folding cartons, rigid boxes are always their top preference.
How to use a rigid box for your cannabis wax while maintaining zero-plastic in your packaging?
This mini-size magnetic flap box is for you.
It’s sturdy, easy to customize, creative, and also recyclable.
You could also replace the foam insert with a paper insert to make it 100% biodegradable.


A Fully Printable Custom Dab Containers Paper Box

This whole custom dab containers box is printable.
You can print on the whole surface of the box, the interior flap, the interior surface, and a paper cover on the foam.
The best thing about this box is that it has plenty of space for adding your artwork and design.
To make it even more eco-friendly, we offer vegetable-based ink (soy ink) to make your packaging “greener.”


Flexible Customization Cater To Different Concentrate Dab Containers

We can customize the box into any size according to your concentrate containers.
It can be made for custom silicone dab containers, glass concentrate jars, plastic jars, Qube jars, 5ml jars, 7ml jars, etc.
The cavity on the foam insert will be adjusted according to your product dimension.
Moreover, we provide silk planting on the foam to make it even high-end-looking.


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