A Paper Packaging Manufacturer Specializing In Cannabis Packaging Solutions. 

We try to answer two questions:

Q1: How to make better marijuana packaging paperboard boxes for the cannabis industry?
Q2: How to be a respectable cardboard packaging provider to defend the “Made in China” label?
Gratefully, we get self-motivated each time we watch this video clip, which records our trial production run back in 2014. 

Since then, we and our machines never stop running.

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Packaging By Products

Fully customizable packaging solutions for all cannabis-related products. Continually explore and extend into new product ranges and ideas to provide to our current customer base. Ensures our offering is always fresh and relevant to your cannabis business.

Packaging By Category

Full spectrum of custom printing tuck end boxes, rigid boxes, paper tubes, mylar bags and child-resistant packaging.

Packaging Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Industry-specific custom packaging options cater to different child-resistant packaging regulations and requirements. Keep pace with the most updated, trendy, and law-compliant cannabis packaging.

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Our Product And Service Speaks For Themselves


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FAQ Contact with us
  • 100% Customizable & Printable

  • Customized Die-Cut Templates

  • Low Order Minimum

  • 10-12 Days Turnaround

  • 3-4 Days Air Shipping

  • Soy Ink Printing

    1How do we work?
    Step 1: Tell us the packaging you are looking for and the order quantity;

    Step 2: We quote you our best price;

    Step 3: Tell us the dimensions of your product-to-be-packed. If possible, ship your product to us, helping us make the packaging a perfect fit for your product;

    Step 4: We send you the dieline/template on which you add your artwork and product information, for custom printing purposes;

    Step 5: We make physical samples for your review;

    Step 6: Place an order for mass production;

    Step 7: Door-to-door shipping.
    2Can I get some samples for free?
    For standard packagings, the samples are free of charge. However, we need to charge a shipping fee of $30 since we are shipping from China by air.

    For customized packagings, we need to charge a sample fee of $30-$100 (depending on the packaging type and custom printing requirement). This is because it takes time and incurs manufacturing costs to custom make a sample packaging product, even a blank one. When you place a larger order, we can credit the cost of the samples towards that purchase.
    3What's the relationship between our company and marijuanapackaging.com?
    These are two completely different companies with domains that accidentally look similar, thus confusing.

    We are marijuanapackagingsolution.com (MPS). We are a China-based paper packaging manufacturer specializing in cannabis packaging solutions.

    marijuanapackaging.com is a USA-based online wholesale supplier for dispensary head shops and smoke shops.
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