Child-proof Hexagon Cartridge Box

Key Features:

  • Unique hexagon shape
  • Child-proof closure
  • Thick chipboard and recycled paper substrate
  • Custom branding in sizes & foam cut-out

MOQ: 1000pcs


We are so fond of the geometric beauty of a hexagonal shape that we develop this child-proof hexagon cartridge box. According to Wikipedia, in geometry, a hexagon is a six-sided polygon or 6-gon. The total of the internal angles of any simple (non-self-intersecting) hexagon is 720°. An innovative odd-shaped packaging, this hexagonal rigid box is created to add extra life to your vape cartridge business.

After checking shelves in the dispensaries, you will find most CR cart boxes come in the shape of rectangle, cuboid, cylinder, or rarely, triangle. The most commonly seen are the CR cart slide drawer box and the CR cart cylinder tubes. Wanna somewhat unique packaging boxes for your vape cartridges? This CR hexagonal cart box is an option.

  • Comes with a child-proof closure. Making CR cartridge packaging is always our top priority. We make this hexagon box child-safe and then appreciate its geometric beauty.
  • Made of thick chipboard and recycled paper substrate. We value environmental protection and we are always doing our job as a paper packaging manufacturer to make our earth a better place.
  • Standard box size: 0.728 inches in side length and 3.15 inches in overall height. Looking for another box size? No problem! We can customize the box size as needed.
  • Foam cut-out size: fully customizable to fit your vape carts or vape pens. Please inform us of the cart dimensions including diameter and total length with the silicone covers (if any).
  • Custom branding: each and every inch of this hexagon box (lid, base, and neck) can be custom printed with your logo and artwork graphics. Expecting more than just full-color printing? No worries. We are able to provide multiple surface treatments including foil stamping, spot gloss, emboss, deboss, soft-touch finishing, etc.

Contact us now and try a sample (plain white or custom printed with your artwork).

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