Childproof Vape Cart Cuboid Rigid Box

Working with a paper packaging manufacturer like us means endless customization of box size, printing, and surface treatments.

Many cannabis companies are looking for new-style packaging options to set their cannabis vaping brands apart from competitors. We noticed this trend months ago. Also, some of our old clients in the cannabis industry made this request to us several times. Our in-house creative department spent weeks on multiple samples. Now we are proudly introducing this childproof vape cart cuboid rigid box.

  • Cuboid-shaped rigid paper box with a luxury look to elevate your vape brand
  • Come with childproof button-locking closure to secure your vape carts
  • Foam cut-out specially customized for vape carts of various sizes and capacities
  • Endless customization in terms of full-color printing and special surface treatments

We treat each and every artwork file as a masterpiece. We are really excited about receiving and checking our clients’ artwork design. For each time, we know some great cannabis brands are booming. No more hesitation. Reach out and get this childproof vape cart cuboid rigid box customized for your brand.

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