Blister Card Packaging for CBD Extract Jars

Customize everything from the blister bubble/pocket, the blister card, to the hang hole.


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Designed for a small round extract jar, this blister card packaging enables cannabis consumers to get a peek inside of the valuable cannabis extracts. Built for retail display, this clear PVC packaging comes with a blister card with your branding fully personalized.

  • Based on your glass extract jar, we form the blister bubble or pocket. So it completely covers and perfectly protects the jar.  The product photos show the round jars only. No worries. We can always customize the blister bubble or pocket shape and size in case you have square jars (please refer to this square jar clamshell packaging) or odd-shaped jars. In the case of odd-shape extracts jars, we need you to send us a copy of your jar to help us form the blister cavity perfectly.
  • The blister card in the video is 2.91” in width and 4.33” in height. Looking for a personalized size to fit your retail display needs? No problem. We can adjust the blister card dimensions as required. Double-sided full-color printing is always available to bring your artwork to life! We will provide you with the template after all details are confirmed.
  • To help present your premium CBD extracts, we add a butterfly hang hole to the top of the blister pack. Again, depending on your particular needs, we can custom the hang holes in various shapes and sizes, including the standard circle holes.
  • The blister cards come with double-sided adhesive tapes. To assemble the whole blister pack, put your extract jar inside the blister pocket, peel off the adhesive tape, and then close one half of the blister cards to the other.

Running a cannabis business is hard enough. Let MPS’ cannabis packaging experts do the legwork for you. Leave a message below and we will get it started.

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