CBD Wax Box with Bottom Window

Quality concentrates deserve professional paper packaging solutions.

This paper box is specially designed with a bottom window for Qube concentrate jars packaging.

Looking for a professional way to package your glass CBD wax containers? We can help!

This CBD wax box is a classic folding carton, but we intentionally add a transparent viewing window on the bottom. Cannabis buyers can see the CBD wax product without opening the box. For many buyers, it’s important for them to check the cannabis wax color and texture and then make an informed decision. Try this CBD wax box with a bottom window to showcase your quality wax product.

  • Bottom viewing window for easy inspection of the CBD wax inside
  • Fully customizable box size to fit 1 gram concentrate glass jar, 7ml calyx containers, and even large salves glass jars 1oz and 2 oz
  • Professional CMYK and Pantone color printing available to bring your logo and artwork graphics to life

You’ve come to the right place. Reach us out to get your CBD wax box done.

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