Calyx Containers Packaging Box – Telescoping Box

Key Features: 

  • Tailored to Calyx containers packaging: 4ml & 7ml
  • Luxurious black art paper made
  • Classic lid & base box style with double-wall neck and soft foam protection
  • Custom printed

MOQ: 1000pcs

Looking for secondary packaging solutions for your calyx containers?

You are in the right place.


Try this out. This rigid telescoping box:

  • The classic lid-off design secures your calyx containers in place.
  • Manufactured from durable and recyclable rigid paper material.
  • All black texture paper with printing enhances the elegance. (Other paper materials & printing methods are acceptable)
  • High-quality soft foam insert to protect the glass concentrate container safe
  • Foam cavity specially crafted for Calyx container, including 4ml Calyx container, 7ml Calyx container.
  • Fully customizable printing and finishing for Calyx packaging.

Customizing a proper secondary packaging for your concentrate jar is equally essential to finding a suitable cannabis container for your concentrates.

Calyx containers entered the cannabis packaging industry with its recognizable square cannabis container.

These nice-looking calyx jars deserve a luxurious-looking secondary packaging.

It will surely add up extra value to your whole branding.


Lid and base rigid boxes are most popular as luxurious packaging, like watch and jewelry boxes.

They are now an ideal packaging box style for cannabis concentrates, especially for glass dab containers (which need strong packaging protection)

The all-black texture telescoping box’s black appearance with printing lettering and logo on the lid and side will grab customers’ attention at first sight.

We use solid black paper to achieve the best uniformity and luxurious feel for the box inside.

Of course, you can choose other paper materials and printing methods to cater to your different branding purposes, such as kraft telescoping boxes, full-color printing telescopic boxes, etc.


The decent soft black foam adds to the overall appeal of the box.

Black or white foam can be covered on a silk-planting surface to make it even deluxe.


And sure, if you are not a fan of foam material and require an all-paper solution. We can replace the insert from foam with paper.

We carve the foam insert with a square die-cut cavity to perfectly fit your 4ml Calyx containers or 7ml Calyx containers.

This rigid box is built to prevent concentrate jars damage that could happen during delivery or being displayed.

Moreover, due to the sturdiness and durability of the box, your customers might most probably keep your packaging box, which is good for your brand, right?


Above all, this luxurious telescopic box will surely bring your customers the best unboxing experience.

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