Joint Case – Childproof Paper Preroll Box

Key Features 

  • Special childproof design
  • Thinner compared to normal CR packaging
  • For multi-pack pre-rolls packaging


The paper joint case comes with a child-resistant locking button.
We embed the locking button onto the inner end of the box, which is more user-friendly.
It’s more convenient to press the locking button with one hand and pull out the inner tray with the other hand.
We use as little foam as possible to maintain the best sustainability of this packaging.


Custom Paper Joint Case For Cannabis Pre Rolls Packaging

We develop this thin paper slide box for brands that are looking for childsafe cannabis joints packaging.
You can custom print all kinds of artwork onto the outer box and the inner box.
The size of the box is fully customizable according to your pre-roll dimension.
Whether you are using mini joints or king-size pre-rolls, you can also customize it into your shape.
It’s an exciting secondary packaging solution for 3 packs of pre-rolls, 5 packs of pre-rolls, or any other variations.


Eco-friendly Paper Joint Box For Sustainability

Except for the childproof button and the foam insert, the whole box is paper material.
It’s a perfect alternative for plastic pre-roll containers and metal joint cases.
We use thick and rigid cardboard to ensure the most extended shelf life of your pre-rolls, joints, and blunts.
It can act as a portable joint case for cannabis pre-roll consumers.


Unique Pre-roll Joint Case With Deluxe Feel

Hand-crafted rigid boxes can bring a luxury and upscale look for customers.
Rigid paper boxes are prevalent in luxurious industries like cosmetic packaging, watch packaging, and jewelry packaging.
When you adopt it into your cannabis products, it can surely bring your branding onto another level.
A well-organized design and certain printing & finishing tricks can be applied to this packaging to differentiate your products from your competitors.


Cute Joint Case – Custom Joint Case With Low Minimum Order Quantity

Unlike custom plastic pre-rolls containers and metallic joint cases, paper joint cases have a very startup-friendly MOQ.
We can start from 1000pcs with access to all the printing & finishing methods.
Your designing and branding ideas will never be limited here.
We know deeply how the initial branding stage is essential for start-up companies. We are happy to be supportive.


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