CR Cartridge Boxes With Black Art Paper

Key Features 

  • Made with deluxe black art paper
  • Child-resistant & windowed
  • CR patented and certificated
  • Perfect for gold foiling & screen printing

MOQ: 1000PCS

The art of custom paper packaging is to play with different paper materials.
Coated art paper can carry and endow a full range of colors and printing.
Kraft paper represents green, natural, and eco-friendliness.
What about black art paper?
It can make your cartridge boxes luxurious and high-grade.


Cartridge Boxes Made With Deluxe Black Art Paper

The cartridge boxes are made of printed black art paper.
Black art paper is a deluxe paper material, which is very popular in luxury products packaging, like jewelry gift boxes and cosmetic packaging boxes.
Compared to coated art paper and brown art paper, black art paper has a luxurious deep black color and paper texture.
With custom printing, screen printing, and finishings like Raised UV, hot foil stamping, a black art paper cartridge box can stand for your luxury product line.


Child-resistant All-black Cartridge Boxes

To ensure the best coordination of the whole packaging. We use all-black paper material to form up the box structure.
And wrap the box with printed black art paper.
A black foam insert and a black CR button are embedded to make it a total package.
The child-resistant design makes it a state-compliant packaging for your vaporizers.


How To Customize Cartridge Boxes With Black Art Paper

Due to its black color, we usually do not recommend that customers use CMYK or Pantone color printing. If you need to print directly on black art paper boxes, it’d be better to use minimal design and high-contrast and light colors.
Raised UV, hot foil stamping, and screen printing are very suitable for black art paper.
They can enhance the luxurious feel of the rigid box.
To customize the cartridge box into your packaging, you can advise our team ([email protected]) of your cartridge dimension.
And let us make the customization process as easy as possible for you.


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