Kraft Box For Cartridge Packaging – Childsafe

Key Features 

  • Eco-friendly brown kraft paper material
  • Child-resistant packaging for cartridges

MOQ: 500 pcs


Kraft box is one of our favorites among all paper packagings.
Kraft paper can be white, brown, and even dark black, but brown kraft is the most popular.
It’s a paper material that has the most natural and raw look.
People can easily interpret kraft packaging as eco-friendly and green packaging due to its natural brown color and paper texture.

Many named brands in the cannabis industries are using kraft boxes as the packaging of their products—for instance, Henry’s and Lowell Smokes.

This kraft paper box comes with a child-resistant mechanism.
The whole box is printable with your artwork.
We can add a kraft paper cover to cover the foam if you want everything to be decorated with kraft paper.
A window can be added to the box if you want to display the cartridge to your customers.

We sum up four reasons why you could consider a kraft box as your vape cartridges packaging,


1 Kraft Box Is Made Of Kraft Paper, An Eco-friendly Paper Material From Pine Pulp.

Kraft paper is usually uncoated, which means minor other processing is used in the paper material.
The kraft paper itself is fully biodegradable and recyclable.


2 Kraft Paper Is A Strong Material. It’s Widely Used As Packaging And Shipping Cartons In All Industries.

It’s also an excellent packaging as food packaging.
A rigid kraft box is also very popular as secondary packaging for cannabis products.


3 There Is High Flexibility In Graphic Printing And Finishing.

A Kraft box can adapt all kinds of printing and finishing methods. For example, lithography printing, digital printing, and even screen printing.
For surface treatment, you can use hot foil stamping, spot UV, emboss, etc.
Compared to standard art paper, printing on a kraft box has a unique effect that most customers like.
It usually has an exciting natural look while high-end.


4 Kraft Packaging Endow A Better Brand Image

Product packed in a kraft box is usually interpreted as a natural and green product.
Kraft boxes are widely used in many cosmetic& personal care brands.
Customers tend to trust a product to be “green” if stored in “green” packaging.


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