Windowless CR Packaging Box for Cartridges

Size Customizable. Custom printable with your artwork design.

Order Minimum: 1,000 pcs

Very competitive wholesale price for bulk orders.

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Opaque CR cartridge box

This windowless CR packaging box is developed for two reasons:

  • Some states (for example, Oklahoma and Utah) require the child-resistant packaging to be opaque. The Labeling & Packaging Guide published by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority requires that “the outermost packaging does not allow the product to be seen without opening the packaging material.”
  • It provides more space for artwork design. While some customers prefer a viewing window to showcase their cannabis extracts inside, others focus more on a larger space for their artwork design. These cannabis brand owners need a windowless version.

Need colorful foam inserts rather than black or white ones? No problem! We are able to glue a piece of custom printed paper card onto the foam insert.

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