Cube boxes and cuboid boxes are the most simple and classic packaging styles for jars, vials, bottles, and other containers.

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Custom Printing Folding Cartons For Best Branding

Folding cartons with customized printed artwork is the most popular packaging idea for all kinds of cannabis-related products. You can see various vape cartridges, disposable pens, wax concentrates, CBD tinctures packed in a nicely-made tuck end box. They are the easiest packaging solution to start with.

We offer endless customization options catering to your different branding needs. You can use CMYK printing for the box, it’s also called full-color offset printing; If you need a stronger and solid color, Pantone color printing might be interesting for you.

A Folding Cartons Manufacturer Specializing In Cannabis Packaging

At (MPS), we’ve been providing thousands of named cannabis brands, enterprises, and startups with the best paper packaging solutions. We are a paper printing and packaging factory that is striving to improve the customization experience for all marijuana brands.

We are aiming to cover all cannabis-related products’ secondary packaging.

You can shop and customize all kinds of folding cartons: straight tuck end boxes, reverse tuck end boxes, and auto-lock bottom boxes.

Moreover, we provide various add-ons for your paper boxes: hanging holes, transparent viewing windows (PVC),

Work With Direct Factory Instead Of Folding Cartons Companies Agents

Working with a direct factory can surely cut costs to your profit.

As a manufacturer, we’ve been collecting all valuable production experience to cut production waste and eventually cut costs.

We are aiming to provide the best and unbeatable price for all our clients, pricing is crucial to them.

Custom Printing Tuck End Boxes For Best Marijuana Packaging

Tuck end boxes, it’s also called tuck in boxes, come in various closure methods, for instance, straight tuck end boxes, reverse tuck end boxes, and auto-lock tuck end boxes. You can choose whichever box style best fit your cannabis products.

Auto-lock tuck end boxes are best for marijuana concentrate jars packaging, while reverse tuck in boxes can be used as CBD tincture dropper bottle packaging.

Speak to our packaging consultants if you are hesitating about which one to go with. 

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