Vape Cartridge Packaging Slide Boxes

Vape cartridge packaging boxes are our best-selling and widely accepted packaging option for vaporizer products.

The vape boxes are ideal packaging options for cannabis vape cartridge packaging (including THC cartridge packaging, CBD cartridge packaging, and traditional vaping devices packaging), disposable vape pen packaging, and vape pods packaging.

We’ve summed up the major advantage of such drawer boxes:

  • Rigid cardboard material, strong and sturdy to protect the product.
  • Fully printable, including the outer box, the inner tray, and even the insert
  • It can be made with a child-resistant locking method
  • Flexible add-ons like PVC windows, ribbon pull tab, etc
  • Eco-friendly: the paperboard is biodegradable and reusable
  • Easy to customize: customizable in any size and shapes

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging With Your Required Size And Design

Packaging is an essential factor for the success of a cannabis vaping brand. You can customize the box into any size and style according to your products. The whole box is printable, which means you can print your Logo, product specification, cannabis warning labels, and symbols onto the box directly without applying extra stickers.

The box comes with an insert (both in paper or foam) that you can customize a cavity to fit your product.

The box can be made with a child-resistant mechanism to make it childproof and law compliant. You can use an all-paper insert if you have a high requirement for eco-friendliness.

A slide box usually comes with an outer box, an inner tray, and an insert. All of them are printable, which means you have plenty of room for designing artworks.

Cart Packaging Tailored To Your Cannabis Business

As an industry-specific packaging factory, we keep developing new cart packaging ideas and solutions for cannabis brands.

You can always find the best solution here. No matter you are a start-up company or a named brand.

Keep close communication with our packaging consultant will ensure a successful packaging project.

As a factory, focusing on one specific industry gives us extra advantages for cutting our cost, which means we can offer unbeatable prices for our customers and more professional services.

Child Proof Vape Cartridge Packaging

Custom vape boxes with a child-resistant mechanism prevent the packaging and the marijuana products it carries from kids or pets. More states are requiring child-proof packaging for cannabis-related products.

So get prepared for all possible changes and go with child-safe packaging from now on. We have a research and development team that keeps working on new child-proof packaging ideas, aiming to serve our customers with the most trendy and updated packaging items.

We offer several child-resistant packaging solutions for slide boxes:

  1. CannaDefender: Our most popular childsafe packaging solution. It comes with a PP material button and a push-and-slide locking system
  2. BackTab: This solution comes with a PP materials thin tab on the back of the box. It’s popular, especially when you require a thinner box
  3. Double-Paper-“Wing”-tab: It’s majorly applicable when looking for a 100% recyclable childproof box.

Customize Vape Cart Packaging With MarijuanaPackagingSolution is a paper printing & packaging factory that is specializing in cannabis products packaging.

As an industry-specific factory, we have devoted ourselves to all kinds of marijuana products packaging, including vaporizers packaging, pre-roll packaging, concentrate packaging, flower packaging, edibles packaging, and CBD tincture packaging.

Our goal is to offer a one-stop shopping and customizing experience for all cannabis brands and companies. So you can complete the whole packaging process easier and trouble-free.

We have a professional sales team and packaging consultant that is serving our customers as a top priority.

Keeping smooth and effective communication with our customers is the key to a packaging project’s success.


Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Slide Boxes

Custom Printed Cardboard Rigid Drawer Boxes

Introducing this never out-of-date packaging solution for vape cartridges, vape pens, vape pods, and disposable. Made of rigid cardboard paper material, it's robust, sturdy, and eco-friendly.

I. What Are Slide Drawer Boxes?

A kind of rigid gift boxes that has a slide-out drawer with a rigid paperboard sleeve. It's very close to a drawer box; the significant difference is that it's made of thick cardboard. We can also call them sliding rigid boxes, paper drawer boxes, sliding boxes, or slider boxes. The box structure usually consists of 3 parts: an outer Box, an inner box, and an insert.

II. How To Create Your Vape Cart Packaging?

Let's guide you through the whole customization process for vape cartridge packaging slide boxes.

1. Two Major Types Of Outer Box

Windowed or windowless? You can choose to add a clear PVC window or keep it opaque.

Windowed Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

Embedding A Clear PVC Window On The Box Surface That Allows You To Display The Product.

We can custom a square transparent PVC window onto the box surface so that you can show your nicely-made products clearly. However, some states might require opaque packaging for cannabis-related products.

Opaque Cart Packaging Boxes

Windowless Slide Boxes That Meet State Compliance

Some states require opaque packaging for marijuana products. This slide box has no window on it, so consumers can't see the product through the box.

2. Three Slide Out Types Of Rigid Drawer Boxes

There are three types of sliding-out methods: with ribbon pull tab, thumb notch pull, and two-side opening.

Thumb Notch Slide Out

Slide boxes with thumb notch are the most popular sliding-out box style that most brands will choose. It's very user-friendly. And there are no extra accessories needed for the outer box, so it's more simple and easy to customize.

Explore Such Boxes


Pull Tab Boxes

Drawer boxes with a ribbon pull tab or a rope pull tab. Such boxes come with a full-size outer box and an inner box with a pull tab. It allows consumers to slide out the box easily grasp the pull tab.

Explore Such Boxes


Two-side Opening Box

A drawer box with a two-side opening method is also called sleeve boxes. It comes with an outer box with two carved sides that allow the inner box to be pulled out from both sizes. Consumers can push the inner box from one side to the other side.

Explore Such Boxes

3. Two Popular Inserts Used In Cartridges Slide Boxes

The inserts used in a cartridge packaging box ensure the product it carries is well-protected and centered.

Two Kinds Of Paper Box Inserts

Paperboard Inserts

Paperboard inserts include thin paper inserts (thin paper), corrugated paper insert, and cardboard insert. They are eco-friendly.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts include EVA foam (firm and most used), soft foam insert.

III. Custom Child-resistant Vape Cartridge Slide Boxes

Child-resistant vape cartridge packaging becomes a must for some states. Our childproof boxes are all customizable in sizes and printing methods.
Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

Entire Ranges Of Box Styles Specially Designed For Cannabis Packaging, Endless Customization Options Available.