Custom Disposable Vape Pen Packaging – Childproof Boxes

Key Features 

  • Child-resistant disposable packaging
  • Paper material including the insert
  • Cardboard slide box


The disposable vape pen is a trendy choice amongst cannabis users.

They are hitting the market due to the convenience of consuming cannabis; no need to refill or recharge a disposable vape pen.

It’s also a more affordable option to get a disposable vape pen.

Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that your customers get the entire brand experience with your disposable vape pen packaging boxes.

And for sure, it will enhance your brand image and boost sales.

Child-resistant Packaging Solution For Disposable Vape Pen

For customers selling CBD disposable vape pen, disposable THC vape pen, and are planning to switch your current packaging boxes into a childproof one.

In that case, this packaging solution is for you.

This box is designed especially for disposable cannabis vape pens that require child-safe secondary packaging.

It comes with a rigid outer box, a rigid inner tray, and a cardboard insert.

With the help of a CR button, clients can press and pull out the inner tray for taking out the vape pen while keeping safe from children.

Custom Disposable Weed Pen Boxes

Our disposable weed pen packaging can be customized to fit your logo and branding artwork.

We will fully customize the box based on your vape pen size and make sure the box perfectly fits the pens.

Moreover, you can customize all kinds of add-ons to the packaging boxes, such as hanging tabs, windows, ribbons, etc.

Organic Paper Packaging For Disposable Marijuana Vape Pen

We use all-paper material (except for the CR button, which is PP material) for the vape pen boxes.

It’s a perfect alternative to plastic packaging.

If you prefer your disposable vape cartridge in green packaging, this is the one.

Custom Printing Boxes For Vaping Kit

Embrace this eco-friendly paper packaging box for your vaping kit and a disposable vape pen.

You can print all artwork on the box and apply extra surface finishing (Spot Gloss, UV, gold foiling, etc.) to make it look better.

The rigid box is also a perfect packaging idea for disposable pens. It is portable and protective for vape pens and thus ideal for consumers that are always on the go.

How To Use A Disposable Vape Pen CR Box?

It’s easy for adult consumers. Press the CR button on the side, and slide out the inner tray.
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