CCELL Cartridge Packaging Childproof Box – White Kraft Box

Key Features: 

  • Specially designed for CCELL cartridges: TH2 M6T TH205-RYS
  • Patented & CR certificated
  • Uncoated kraft paper made
  • Fully customizable in printing & finishing methods

MOQ: 1000pcs (Per size)

CCELL cartridge is best-known for its ceramics solutions for vaporization.

Suppose you stick to this brand and wonder where to buy CCELL cartridges packaging. In that case, this paper packaging solution is right for you.


There are several reasons why you should consider this box style,

  • CR certificated that it is state-compliant for the United States market
  • Rigid cardboard with a classic slide-out design
  • High-quality foam insert with custom made cavity for your cartridges: TH2, M6T, TH205, etc
  • Uncoated white kraft paper, no need for coating/lamination (for customers who don’t like plastic lamination)
  • Full-color printing, PMS printing is acceptable
  • Customized size for all your vaporizer products, short boxes for carts & tall boxes for disposable and batteries


Why Using White Kraft Paper For Your CCELL Cartridges Packaging?

We get more customers inquiring about uncoated paper packaging.

The main reason is that uncoated kraft paper boxes can retain their natural paper texture while having colored artwork printed on them.

Like brown kraft paper, white kraft paper also has a raw & natural paper texture that endows the beauty of paper packaging.

Customers can quickly feel the difference between a matte box, a glossy box, and an uncoated kraft box.


Complete Customization Tailored To Your CCELL Packaging

The CR boxes can be custom-made to package your product: CCELL batteries, CCELL cartridges(0.5ml, 1ml), and CCELL pods. (SLYM, CCell Dart, CCell Palm, CCell TH2)

We provide different add-ons like clear PVC windows, foam insert paper cover, paper insert, etc.

These rigid CCELL packaging boxes will be produced and pre-assembled before shipping to customers, so it’s hassle-free and no need for an extra assembling process.


How To Start Custom CCELL Cartridges Packaging Boxes?

As an industry-specific paper packaging manufacturer, it’s our goal to make things easy for our customers.

To customize a CCELL cartridge box, you can simply advise which CCELL device you are using.

(For instance, CCELL TH2 cartridge 1ml) and you are good to go!


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