Child-resistant Box For Cannabis Lollipops Packaging (All-paper)

Key Features: 

  • All-paper solution, zero plastic used. Food-safe
  • Child-resistant mechanism with two back tabs (details in the video)
  • Flexible customization in sizes & printing methods

MOQ: 1000pcs

A derivative product of paper slide wrapping boxes.

This child-resistant packaging solution is fit for cannabis lollipops, CBD gummies, or other CBD edibles.


Packaging by Nature

Sustainability continues to top the list of human considerations when choosing which to buy.

For customers, environmentally friendly packaging solutions always remind a positive correlation with food safety, as their favorite edibles are guarded by nature.

This rectangular paper packaging box is easy to stack and stable for storage and shipping.

The tactile experience delivers much pleasure from the premium paper wrapper to your customers’ fingers before they enjoy the inner contents.

Dimly, there is forest fragrance exuding from the box. And it surely brings a better unboxing experience for edibles: cannabis lollipops and gummies.

Packaging containers with low carbon footprint materials and high recycling rates are always competitive in the whole packaging industry—especially for paper packaging.

So, why not choose our highest recyclable wrapping solutions for your products and bring a feeling of comfort to your customers?


A Solid Child Resistant Packaging Swatch For Cannabis-Infused Lollipops, Candies, Gummies

Made of premium paperboard ranging from 14pt to 36pt, this packaging box can hold either lighter or heavier products.

It is rectangular to achieve the maximum efficient volume for your tasty cannabis lollipops.

With our quality raw materials, on the one hand, we prevent children from opening the box with a specially designed “trick” to protect children and your product.

On the other hand, tough plant fibers also assist in maintaining the box structure even when the shell is suffering accidentally violent destruction from several naughty children.

We never stop finding more packaging solutions practical and aesthetical to accommodate the ever-changing packaging world and increasingly strict cannabis wrapping rules.

And we are confident to bring more packaging ideas to our cooperators.


More Holistic Approaches to Customize Your Packaging

People’s aesthetic ideal is mainly of variety, nature, and fashion seeking.

Our highly customizable paper packaging boxes turn your unique packaging ideas into touchable entities.

During customizing your brand packaging, our minds are busy with so many details with our products, among which assuring color consistency is the primary point, especially for those brand representing colors.

Now think about this question, “Will you doubt the product quality when you hold two same products with subtle nuances of brand logo color?”

The answer is a yes. In this case, we could draw a common conclusion that color consistency counts a lot in brand identity building.


Except for printing colors, there are still those little extras that keep our minds busy:

  • Structural modifications (die-cut window area, inserts, etc.)
  • Materials to be used (Kraft, BS paperboard, flute paper, etc.)
  • Custom printing (Pantone, CMYK, flexo, spot colors, etc.)
  • Finishes – (glossy, matte, etc.)
  • Decorations – (foil stamping, embossing, debossing, etc.)
  • And so so on.

Endless custom options are waiting for your consultation.


Working with Marijuana Packaging Solution on this new alternative is an exciting step toward using recyclable paper for palatable edible wrapping.

This partnership stimulates innovations in packaging and design updating, thus increasing the number of options available for CBD brands looking for more sustainable packaging solutions.


We regard sustainability as an intrinsic strategy in the way we do business.

A Custom-centric approach that makes reaching cooperation agreements is our insistence all the time.

Come to contact us to contribute to a better world by making sustainable custom paper packaging.

More detailed information at [email protected].

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