CR Certificated Blunt Packaging Box – Metallic Paper

Key Features: 

  • Metallic paper with CMYK printing
  • Multiple metallic colors without paying extra foil stamping setup fees
  • Compliance with US 16 CFR & 1700.20
  • All-paper solution


Are you looking to recreate your blunt packaging boxes with multiple metallic colors without paying too much hot foil stamping setup fees?

Try this out.


Introducing our CR certificated pre-roll blunt packaging box print on metallic paper – CannaWing.

It will be your must-try packaging if you are looking for

  • Metallic paper boxes with multiple metallic colors and capabilities
  • Child-resistant design and CR certificated
  • Non-limit customization options
  • Lightweight & pocketable pre-roll packaging case


High-quality Metallic Paper Printed With Your Artwork

Hot foil stamping might be your first choice when you need a metallic color on your packaging.

Though, there is some limit to hot foil stamping (gold foiling, silver foiling, holographic foiling, likewise)

  • High setup fees if there are multiple metallic colors involved in your design
  • Limited foiling color options
  • Risks of overriding color if the different foiling color parts are too close to each other
  • Not applicable for extremely fine details like small texts and patterns

Therefore, metallic paper can be the best solution for this; They feature for,

  • No limit for color options on the same box
  • Works perfectly with CMYK printing
  • No extra setup fees are involved
  • Work well for fine details

What’s more? Using metallic paper for your blunt packaging box doesn’t mean your entire box will be metallic.

We can use white ink to print on top of the box where you don’t want a metallic effect.

In short, you can choose whichever parts of the box to be a metallic look.


Child-resistant Certificated And State-Compliant Blunt Packaging Metallic Boxes

The CannaWing blunt box features a press-and-slide childproof mechanism.

By pressing the two tabs/wings on each side of the box, adults can easily slide out the inner tray and release the blunts.

The box style complies with US 16 CFR & 1700.20.

We can also use thick cardboard for this box if you prefer a rigid box style.

A paper separator can be added if you want well organize the blunts.


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