Cannabis Blunt Mylar Ziplock Bags

Smell-proof and moisture-proof mylar ziplock bags for cannabis blunt

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These mylar ziplock bags are made for cannabis blunt packaging. We use thick mylar packaging material to ensure these zipper pouches are smell-proof and moisture-proof, to keep the blunts fresh.

It’s well said that the artwork graphic is the soul of all packaging. This is also true for mylar bag packaging in the cannabis industry. We provide state-of-art full-color printing for these blunt ziplock bags. All you need to do is to prepare the stunning artwork design that works best for your premium blunt brand. We will take over the rest.

  • Use with: Cannabis blunt (bag size customizable for a single blunt or multiple ones)
  • Material: Food-grade MOPP/VMPET/PE
  • Style: Stand-up or lay-flat pouches (as required)
  • Odor-resistant and moisture-proof
  • Child-resistant
  • Resealable
  • Minimum order quantity: 1,000 pcs (the larger order you place, the lower unit price you will get)

Ready to custom make mylar ziplock bags for your premium cannabis blunts? Contact us for a quote, template, or sample now.

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