The demand for premium pre roll packaging has steadily grown over the years according to our data analysis. Smoking pre rolls proves to be one of the classic ways to consume cannabis. Despite the popularity of vaping, pre-rolls are becoming one of the most popular cannabis purchases.

With pre-rolls on the rise, more and more cannabis brands are looking for premium pre roll packaging. Our various premium pre-roll packaging options are the perfect way to package yours up.

What Is Premium Pre Roll Packaging?

Premium pre roll packaging must be eco-friendly. Without any doubt, plastic pop-tops remain the #1 choice for pre-rolls packaging due to their low cost and good airtightness. However, by insisting on the“go less plastic” rule, we as a paper packaging manufacturer won’t treat plastic pop-tops as premium pre roll packaging. It’s safe to claim that paper packaging is biodegradable. Even if a pre-roll paper box is thrown away in a forest, it self-degrades without doing any harm to the environment. We are dedicated to developing paper-based premium pre roll packaging that are eco-friendly.

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Premium pre roll packaging must be branding friendly. A custom-printed label is a must-have for both plastic joint pop-tops and glass joint vials due to their poor printing performance. Adding a label (usually not made of paper) means another environmental burden. By contrast, paper pre roll boxes come with unmatched printing performance. A joint paper box is born for custom printing. We are dedicated to developing paper-based premium pre roll packaging that is branding friendly.

Premium pre roll packaging must be airtight to keep pre-rolls fresh. Unlike plastic pop-tops or glass tubes, a paper box cannot be 100% airtight. To achieve better airtightness, our pre-roll packaging boxes might need help from primary packaging that directly packs the pre-rolls inside. This primary packaging includes but not limited to a sealed plastic or paper bag. Adding a food-grade foil lining inside the cardboard tube is another way to strengthen its airtightness.

Premium pre roll packaging must be compliant. In the cannabis sector, this means child-resistant pre-roll packaging. In most cases, pre-roll packaging must be child-resistant to be compliant. For years, we’ve been developing pre-roll boxes with CR function. We proudly developed a 100% paper CR pre-roll box.

What Kind of Pre Roll Packaging Do We Offer?

For years, we’ve been offering various premium pre roll packaging options for the booming cannabis sector.

By Material

> Paper Pre-rolls Tubes/Boxes

We are a China-based paper packaging factory focusing on cannabis packaging solutions, thus, board and paper are our main materials. For non-CR pre-roll packaging, we have paper cylinders and paper boxes. For CR pre roll packaging, we have a CR cardboard cylinder with minimum use of plastic buttons as part of the CR locking mechanism. We also have a CR pre-rolls box that is 100% paper made.

 > Pre Roll Mylar Bags & Pre Roll Tin Packaging

After purchasing paper packaging from us, some customers asked us to source pre-roll Mylar pouches and pre roll tin packaging. As you know, we are based in China, the world’s factory. We are able to act as a qualified middleman to get the job done! That’s why we listed some non-paper pre-roll packaging on our website.

By CR Function

Most of our pre-roll packaging is designed to be child-resistant. However, the CR function is not a must for some customers in some cases. Therefore, we also have non-CR paper pre-roll packaging. For instance, one customer packs a pre-rolled joint with a plastic pop-top (as primary packaging) that goes inside our non-CR cardboard tube (as secondary packaging).

By Packaging Style

We know it’s vital for a cannabis brand to make its pre-roll packaging visually stand out. We offer various pre-roll packaging styles. We are confident that you will find a packaging style that best matches your brand!

#1 Classic flip-top joint box

#2 Slider/drawer pre-roll box

#3 Cardboard blunt cylinder

#4 Odd-shaped pre-roll boxes including triangle boxes, hexagon boxes, and octagon boxes

Both CR and non-CR versions are available for most of our pre-roll packaging. Generally, CR boxes are more expensive than non-CR ones due to the manufacturing costs of adding the CR mechanism.

By Airtightness

We talked about airtightness in the last chapter. Among all of our pre-roll packaging, Mylar bags top others in airtightness. Tin containers also perform well in keeping the pre-rolls fresh. With the help of primary packaging, our paper joints boxes/tubes could perform well, too.

Why Are We the Right Place to Get Your Pre-roll Packaging?

 > Quality Pre-roll Packaging Directly From A Cannabis-Specific Paper Packaging Manufacturer

We take pride in focusing cannabis joints packaging solutions over years. With experienced packaging structure engineers and established production management, we have excellent customization capacities. Name the packaging styles and your requirements, we are able to get it done as expected. So you can spend more time on other important things!

We are a China-based paper packaging manufacturer specializing in cannabis packaging solutions. If you are based in the United States, you are probably buying boxes from a middleman who is sourcing from us. Directly dealing with us saves you lots of money by getting a much lower unit pricing, for exactly the same box!

> Quick Turnaround for Small and Bulk Orders Alike

Besides quality guarantee, we also deeply understand how important it is for our customers to receive the packaging in time. We have a typical daily production capability of 20,000 units of rigid boxes. This enables us to offer a lead time of 15 to 18 calendar days (shipping included).

How To Get Your Custom Pre Roll Packaging?

Step 1: Choose your preferred packaging style and packaging material

Step 2: Consider how many pre-rolls you will be packing in one packaging. Single pack or multiple pack?

Step 3: Consider if the CR function is a must

Step 4: We prepare the die-line template for your graphic artwork design for custom printing


Q: How can I get a die-line template for my artwork design?

A: To prepare the pre-roll box template, we need to know the dimensions of your pre-rolls including the total length, the diameter of the filter end and wider end, and how many pre-rolls will there be in one box.


Q: Can I add a compartment for matches inside my pre-roll box?

A: Of course! Please provide the dimensions of your matches and we will handle the rest.


Q: Can you make the pre-roll box pocket-friendly?

A: Basically, the overall size of a pre-roll box depends on pre-roll dimensions and the quantity of pre-rolls inside. You can tell our packaging experts the expected overall box size. To make the box as compact as possible, we usually make the filter end intersects the wider end inside the box.


Q: Can I get a physical joint box sample for review before placing a large order?

A: Yes, of course! We would like to make a custom-printed sample for your review. All you need to do is to pay a shipping fee of $30 since we are shipping from China by air. We will credit $30 towards your purchases when you place a larger order after reviewing the samples.


Our pre-roll packaging is sure to add fuel to your fire pre-roll products. Explore all pre-roll packaging options as listed below. Reach out to our pre roll packaging experts to get your design pre roll packaging customized.

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