Triangle Box

Get this unique triangle-shaped box to help your new cannabis products stand out.

**Jar/Cartridge/Pre-roll NOT INCLUDED**

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Triangle shaped boxes are much favored by many clients with delta 8 and even delta 9 cannabis products becoming popular. New brands are always looking for new packaging in the retailing world. Unlike the most commonly seen square, rectangle, or cylinder boxes, triangle shaped boxes are relatively unique. This is a good chance for a new cannabis brand or a new cannabis product line to stand out.

  • These triangle gift boxes can be best used with cannabis cartridges, marijuana extract containers, and hemp blunts/weed joints. Let us know your cannabis product size and we are able to personalize the triangle box size for you. If you are packing vape cartridges, you may be interested in this child-resistant triangle cartridge box.
  • Made of super thick rigid stock, this triangle box packaging is sturdy. It can not only protect your cannabis products inside but also enhance your brand value.
  • Our triangle cardboard box comes with a magnetic closure. The magnetic pads we use are so strong that it creates a crisp tick when you close this magnetic triangle box. We hope this offers a “wow” unboxing experience for the buyers.

It’s smart for you to source directly from a paper packaging manufacturer like us. We offer low MOQ, fast turnaround, and, most important, competitive whole pricing for bulk orders. Contact us now. Our experienced packaging experts will guide you to get outstanding triangle shaped boxes.

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