Rigid Gift Boxes for Concentrate Jar

Elevate your concentrate packaging with our rigid gift boxes.


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Our concentrate jar rigid gift boxes are built to deliver quality construction while providing aesthetics. MPS continues delivering miscellaneous secondary paper packaging options for cannabis concentrate products. This is our newest one.

  • It’s a cardboard rigid setup box with the lid snugly covering the base. You see a square from the top and a rectangle on the front/back and the left/right. To make a small and exquisite rigid gift box, its height is deliberately designed to be half of the width.
  • We leave two crescent-shaped notches on each of the left and right. These notches help release the lid from the base when we open the rigid gift box. By doing so, we also intend to add beauty to the box sides.
  • Inside this rigid gift box, we add a piece of high-quality foam insert with a custom cavity to house one concentrate jar. Looking for a luxury feel? Special treatment like flocking might help.
  • Best use: 5ml/7ml glass concentrate jars (round or square).

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