Paper Tubes for Pop Top Pre-Roll Tubes

FACT: The color options for pop top pre-roll tubes are so limited that you have to rely on labels.

GOAL: Gain higher perceived value deserved by your premium pre-rolls.

SOLUTION: Pair custom printed paper tubes with your pop top pre-roll tubes. Your premium pre-rolls don’t have to be as inconspicuous as the plastic tube looks like.

**Plastic Pop Tops NOT INCLUDED**

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These paper tubes are perfectly compatible with pop top pre-roll tubes of various sizes. These paperboard tubes can be brand printed, so you don’t need to apply labels to your plastic pre-roll tubes any longer. Without a doubt, pairing a custom printed paper tube with a child-resistant pop top joint tube will enhance your pre-roll brand and stay compliant with the CR packaging regulations.

Whatever the length of your pop-tops (78mm/90mm/95mm/98mm/116mm) is, we’ve got you covered. This is because we are a paper packaging manufacturer with customization in our DNA.

We are proud to provide high-quality paper tube packaging at a very competitive wholesale pricing, due to economies of scale. Feel free to reach out for a free paper tube sample, plain white or digitally printed with your logo.

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