Reversible Cap Vials Packaging Tube

Key Features 

  • Strong secondary packaging for reversible cap vials
  • Protect your flower vials from light and damage
  • All-paper and fully biodegradable
  • Re-usable as a paper container

MOQ: 1000pcs


Reversible cap vials keep marijuana flowers fresh and odors in check. They are the most popular primary packaging for cannabis flowers in pharmacies and dispensaries.
Though more brands are starting to seek secondary packaging for these plastic vials for the below reasons,

  1. Most of these reverse cap vials are transparent or half-transparent that can’t protect your weed flowers from solid light
  2. More states are requiring opaque packaging for cannabis-related products
  3. A strong and rigid secondary packaging for flowers has become a need for retailing purposes

That’s why we bring up this solution: a custom printing thick paper tube for reversible cap vials.
We summarized some of the features of this packaging and show you what’s good about them,

  • Opaque paperboard material that you can print anything on
  • Rigid and strong protecting your weed vials from damages and intense light
  • All-paper solution that is fully biodegradable and acts like a re-usable container for your weed vials.
  • Round shape following your flower vials and can be a display showcase in dispensaries.
  • Fully customizable in terms of sizes, printing, and finishing
  • Classic telescopic shape that is designed for retailed stores


Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs

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