Cannabis Flower Packaging Tube For Push Down & Turn Vial

MOQ: 1000pcs

Size & Colors: Fully customizable


Looking for secondary paper packaging for your cannabis flowers? This solution can be interesting for you.
If you use a push and turn cap vial as the primary packaging for your flowers, you might need a strong secondary packaging.
The tube is made of thick paperboard, which will protect your flower vial from lights and damages.
It can be a display container in your dispensaries as well.

Cannabis flowers are usually stored in transparent bottles, jars, and plastic push & turn cap vials.
These primary packaging can protect your flowers from moisture and air. However, most of them can’t protect the flowers from light or damage during transportation.

Therefore, a rigid paper tube can act as a strong packaging for your flowers.

You can print anything onto the tube surface.
All sizes are customizable according to your product.

Meanwhile, this tube has a unique structure with an open “shoulder/neck” where you can also add designs.
The “shoulder/neck” design allows you to carry the tube (especially when it carries a heavy flower jar) much easier.

You can grab the “neck” without worrying about dropping it off.

A child-resistant mechanism can be applied when needed.


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