Kraft Paper Tubes For 5 Pre Rolls – Telescoping Rigid Tube

Key Features:

  • 2-Piece Telescoping tube structure
  • 100% plastic-free. Biodegradable, recyclable: brown kraft paper made
  • Custom printing & embellishment with your designed artworks
  • Bespoke for multiple pre-rolls: 3-pack, 5-pack, or more
  • Rigid cylinder shape that protects your pre-rolls from light and damage

MOQ: 1000pcs


“Hey, we’re looking for a tube that is about 95mm in height and 40mm in diameter.

It would need to hold about 5 pre-rolls that are about 84mm tall.

What would you recommend? ”


Must try these kraft paper tubes!

These telescoping rigid tubes are bespoke for your pre-rolls packaging, especially for multiple packs like 3-pack and 5-pack.


An All-Paper Packaging Solution For 5 Cannabis Pre Rolls

For cannabis pre-rolls and hemp blunts, an eco-friendly paper packaging solution is always the best bid.

These rigid telescoping tubes are made of robust cardboard that and covered by a printed brown kraft paper sheet.

The whole tube is all-paper, and it’s compostable.

It’s a 100% plastic-free paper tube that you can recycle or reuse.


Kraft Paper Tubes – The Best Matching Colored Tubes For Marijuana Pre Rolls Packs

Next to the white color, brown paper color is the most popular color seen in rolling papers.

Thanks to its brown earth color, the kraft color is usually related to the earth-friendly and eco-friendly concept.

Named brands like RAW pre-rolled cones, Futurola pre-rolled cones, KUSH, and Dog Walkers use dutch brown paper for their rolling paper products.

Therefore, kraft paper tubes in brown are a perfect match for these rolling papers.

Simple screen printing, hot foil stamping, or applying full-color printing custom labels can embellish these tubes and make them perfect retailed packaging.


Custom Made Telescoping Rigid Tubes: The Best Cylinder Packaging For Retailing And Shipping

Made of thick recycled cardboard, these telescoping rigid tubes are robust enough to protect the products it carries.

They are a perfect retail packaging and shipping companion for your cannabis pre-rolls.

Thanks to their thick cardboard nature, these kraft paper tubes can also be used as shipping tubes when needed.

It will protect the products-packed safe from scratch and damage.


Bespoked Kraft Paper Tubes In All Sizes For Different Pre Rolls Products

According to customers’ requirements, these cylinder packaging tubes can be made in different diameters and heights.

You can require the tubes to be slim & tall ones to fit your single King Size pre-roll.

Or ask for wider & short ones for 3-pack pre-roll or 5-pack cannabis joints.

A paper insert can be added into the tube as a divider so you can position 3 King Size pre-rolls into their places.

Well-organized, right?


Use these custom 3-piece telescoping rigid tubes to coordinate with your business marketing campaign, and your company will make a big impression.


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