Child-Lock Kraft Sliding Box Packaging For Pre-Roll 5-Pack

Key Features: 

  • Crafted with high-quality brown kraft paper with full-color printing
  • Child-lock mechanism especially for cannabis pre-rolled joints & blunts
  • Paper separator that can carry 5 packs of pre-rolls
  • Fully customizable in sizes & printing methods


MOQ: 500pcs


Sliding box packaging for 5-pack pre-rolled joints and blunts, which is made with high-quality and natural brown kraft and a child-lock design.


Finding perfect packaging for your newly developed pre-rolls products? Looking for an eco-friendly plastic alternative?

Trying to create marvelous unboxing experiences for your customers?

Our rigid sliding packaging box points the way for you.


An ideal container for multiple packs of cannabis blunts, cones, and joints.

No matter what kinds of pre-rolls, we’ve got you covered.


Sliding Box Packaging: Made of Quality Natural Brown Kraft Paper

MarijunaPackagingSolution’s material for making pre-roll boxes, our popular packaging product, involves many paper types.

With each, we strive to offer the best quality paper boxes to all cooperated brand owners.


Manufacturing premium sliding box begins with high-quality paper material.

Kraft paper, one of the best and the most recycled materials, is not only environmentally responsible but enables the inner pre-rolls to receive high-grade protection.

Its extra-strong resistance is complemented by good resilience and great anti-puncture ability.

But the key to this sliding box packaging is its unique, light brown-colored, post-consumable wrapper which gives users an incredible sense of belonging in nature.


A Big Future of Custom Sliding Box Packaging

Nothing is impossible on your own designed pre-roll packaging with the support of our engaged employees, well-trained experienced workers, and advanced manufacturing machines.

Why not start to encolour your products now with our endless custom options?


Easy-to-open Box Structure with CL Button

Classic matchbox shape. Smooth sliding feels. Child-resistant packaging design. The child-resistant locking button is just what you need.

For one thing, the rigid sliding packaging box offers your brand good images and a credible identity.

For another, it is adult open-friendly but hard for children, which is a vital point taken by families with children.


Bespoke Size:

For King-sized blunts or mini joints, our sliding box can fit any size needs only with a paper of your product specifications.


Divider Insert:

For brands who want to sell their pre-rolls in multipacks, from 2 to 10, a customized paper divider insert is a must-have to defend the safety of your precious products.

The evenly distributed compartments neatly array your pre-rolls every time the end-users open the box and continue to protect until the last smoke session.

But if you like to preserve space for lighters or matches, we can also make it come true.


Stylish Decorating: 

If you do not accept plain kraft boxes, do not worry. We are also pretty good at various printing techniques.

The commonly used printing systems are CMYK Printing and Pantone System to fully ensure your brand color consistency.

Other printing options, such as foil stamping, spot UV, embossing, and debossing, are also available for the pre-roll packaging decoration.


The best thing about the sliding box packaging is its wholesale price.

And we accept small orders as low as 500 pcs to best support your test trial period.

Just get started with us, and you’ll find it simple to customize your own branded pre-roll packaging.


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