Concentrate Packaging Slider Box

Rigid slider box is a classic and widely accepted packaging solution for cannabis products.


This drawer box comes with user-friendly thumb notches that allow customers to slide out the box without any trouble.

A high-quality foam insert with a custom-size cavity is included to center and protect your concentrate jars safely.

We can also add a child-resistant mechanism onto this box if you are using a non-childproof concentrate jar.



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Rigid slider boxes are widely used in cannabis product packaging, especially for vape cartridges. It’s popular due to its sturdy material, user-friendly sliding structure, and high-quality printing effect.

We developed this box for concentrate glass jars and it has become another “best-seller” among our packaging solutions.

As a rigid cardboard box, this packaging solution is best for:

  • Tiny Size: Portable size makes the whole packaging elegant that can be customized for most concentrate containers
  • Rigid Material: The box is rigid and sturdy. We use 1200gsm paperboard to forum up the box body and wrap it with printed artwork.
  • User-friendly: Slider boxes are user-friendly due to the thumb notches added
  • Flexible Customization: There is plenty of space on the outer box and inner box, even on the foam insert cover for you to add your designed artwork
  • Insert: High-quality foam insert or all-paper insert for options
  • Child-resistant: A childproof mechanism can be added when needed.


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