Child-resistant Dab Packaging Boxes

If you are using a non-child-resistant concentrate container, you might need a childsafe paper box for your containers. Check this out.

If you use a standard concentrate container that is not child-resistant, you might need childproof secondary packaging. This packaging is right for you.

Personalize Your Concentrate Packaging And Make Your Product Stand Out

Dab packaging boxes can be eyecatching and unique. If you are still using thin tuck end boxes for your marijuana concentrate jars, it’s time to consider a rigid box.
The idea of this CR concentrate box comes from our best-selling item: a child-resistant cartridge packaging box. It’s a slide drawer box that comes with a child-resistant locking button.

Custom Printing Child-resistant Dab Packaging Boxes

We can customize the box into any size according to your concentrate containers.

The printing area of this box includes the outer box (sleeve), the inner tray, even the paper cover of the foam insert.
There is plenty of space on the box that allows you to put your logo, slogan, product information, and cannabis universal symbols on it.
Moreover, by adapting some proper finishing, you can even bring your box onto another level. For instance, Spot gloss, Emboss/deboss, gold foiling, etc.

Childproof Rigid Box For All Kinds Of Concentrate Containers

The foam cavity will be tailored to your cannabis concentrate containers, including silicone concentrate jars, concentrate glass jars, plastic dab containers, etc.
It’s specially designed for customers that are using a non-childproof dab container.

To meet your state compliance, it’s best to use either child-resistant primary packaging or CR secondary packaging boxes.


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