Retail Packaging Boxes for Qube Square Concentrate Jar

Make a lasting impression on customers by packaging your marijuana concentrates in these exquisite retail packaging boxes.


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This retail packaging box is designed for the Qube square concentrate jar. Choosing the Qube (the premium glass concentrate jar) for your marijuana concentrates, you won’t compromise yourself by accepting a so-so retail packaging box. This is why MPS makes this first-rate retail packaging box.

  • Specially designed for 5ml/9ml Qube square concentrate jar.
  • Box style: Retail cardboard boxes with magnetic closure for elegant retailing presence.
  • Prototype size: 2.87” in length x 2.87” in width x 1.54” in height. We can personalize the box size for you.
  • Front opening panel shape: Customizable as per your preference. It’s an inverted triangle in this prototype.
  • Insert: Premium foam. We would recommend adding a custom printed paper card to cover the foam, for a strong visual appeal. In the case you prefer a paper insert instead, we can do that for you.

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For years, MPS has been committing itself to providing customers with the ultimate shopping experience by enriching packaging styles day after day.

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