Carts Packaging Octagon Boxes – Child-resistant

Key Features 

  • Carts packaging octagon box made of sturdy cardboard
  • Unique child-resistant octagon boxes for vape cartridge packaging
  • Fully customizable in sizes & printing methods

MOQ: 1000pcs (per size)

The carts Packaging octagon box is another odd-shaped rigid box packagings solution for your cartridges.
Triangle, rectangle, Hexagon, Octagon, we will never limit your packaging design ideas.


Carts Packaging Octagon Box Made Of Sturdy Cardboard

Octagon box is not a newcomer in the paper packaging industry. We can see many octagons folding cartons in the retailed market.
Neither are rigid octagon boxes.
However, we bring it into the cannabis packaging world, where you can customize a small octagon rigid box for your cartridge’s packaging.
The box has a 3-piece structure, where there is plenty of space for adding your branding artwork, including the lid, the neck, and the base.
Soft foam is included to center and protects your cartridges safe and well.
You can customize the foam cavity according to your cartridge dimension.


Child-resistant Octagon Boxes For Vape Cartridge Packaging

The rigid octagon box comes with a childsafe locking mechanism.
It will prevent children and pets from opening the box while maintaining senior-friendly by pressing the CR button and sliding out the box lid.
If you are looking for an odd-shaped rigid packaging with a childproof design, this can be exciting.


Custom Printing Carts Packaging Octagon Boxes With All Printing & Finishing Methods

If you decide to go with this attractive-shaped carts packaging, customization is the next step.
We offer a complete customization service for printing paper packaging.
To start with, you can choose the paper material. For instance, kraft paper for a natural look, art paper for a colorful printing, black art paper for a luxury feel,
Holographic paper for sparkle feels, etc.
In terms of printing, you can choose between CMYK printing(full-color), PMS printing(Pantone colors), and the combination of both.
On top of that, we also offer all finishing methods, like Spot UV, hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, etc.
Designing and printing are essential for your branding.


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