Paper Pre Roll Tube – Childproof

Key Features 

  • All-paper solution for cannabis pre-roll
  • No foam used in this packaging
  • Slim and sturdy cardboard
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable

MOQ: 1000pcs


Embrace an earth-friendly packaging solution for your pre-roll cones.

This childproof paper tube packaging is specially designed for cannabis pre-roll cones.
It comes with a push-and-pull child-resistant locking mechanism that will prevent kids from opening the packaging.
We exclude any foam inserts from this packaging since some customers are not fond of such insert materials.
The tube itself can be made into any size to fit different sizes/quantities of pre-roll joints you need to pack in each packaging.

Why consider this packaging?

  1. Eco-friendly material: rigid cardboard structure and printed art paper cover. The whole tube is compostable except for the plastic button
  2. Round shape that is perfect for pre-roll cones, joints, and blunts
  3. Strong and sturdy, re-usable as a paper container
  4. Fully customizable in sizes and printing methods.

Thus, this is an ideal secondary packaging solution for cannabis pre-rolls, joints, and blunts.
If you want to use it as primary packaging, we strongly suggest using airtight plastic bags for the pre-rolls since the tube itself is not odor-proof.


MOQ: 1000pcs


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