Custom Shoulder Boxes For Dropper Bottles Packaging

Key Features:

  • Two-piece unique neck-shoulder box
  • 100% compostable paper packaging solution for dropper bottles
  • Gift-like elaborate look helps to create unique selling points
  • High-quality cardboard protects glass dropper bottles from light & damage
  • Ideal for various droppers and glass-made bottles

MOQ: 1000pcs

A good CBD product never goes out of style, especially when you have built up brand recognition.

But how to make your products stand out from the crowded competitors? How to make your customers remember your brand at their very first sight?


MarijuanaPackagingSolution is here to answer these questions.

For brand owners who want to make your CBD tincture products look professional without compromising safety and sense of beauty, this custom shoulder box for dropper bottles is ready to help.


Special Designed Dropper Bottles Packaging Shoulder Box Offers Incomparable Unboxing Experiences

Unlike typical neck boxes or shoulder boxes, the “shoulder” of this dropper bottle box is extra-long to create a gap between the base tray and the lid.

For esthetic appeal, the “shoulder/neck” is also customizable from lengths and colors to print.


What is worth mentioning, this shoulder box also provides opportunities to create distinctive box-opening experiences, all depending on brand owners’ needs.

If you want to give your customers a fast-opening process to enjoy the fine CBD oil dropper as soon as possible, narrow the contact area of the inner tray and the lid to reduce air friction.

Conversely, if you want to add some mystiques and raise your customers’ expectations, slow down their time by extending the lid-base contact area to offer a gift-opening atmosphere.

Moreover, the extended “shoulder/neck” can carry plenty of room for more designed artwork.


Quality Chipboard Material Cover All Safety Responsibilities

Our dropper bottle packaging provides great visual attractions and perfectly functional protection to tincture dropper bottles, THCV oil pump containers, CBD extract spray bottles, and all kinds of glass-made containers.

The dropper bottle box is UV light defendable, structurally sturdy, 100% biodegradable, and highly recyclable with natural-sourced chipboard materials.

When you add extra art paper labeling and gradient layers/coatings, the neck box becomes incredible in color durability and strong in moisture-proof ability.

For businesses across the seas and continents, these features of dropper bottle packaging are vital, especially when the shipping process is extremely long or climate change is quite evident.


Flexible Embellishments Convince Purchasing Actions

Every generation loves stories. So that the simplest way to develop your ready-to-go tincture/CBD/THCV products is to tell your brand story on its packaging.

Customize comparable box appearance with matte/gloss lamination or spot/flood VU coating (endless custom options in MPS packaging collections) to match your brand identity and make it more valuable to the market.


Attract your customers and knock their hearts. No one can refuse to pay for what really touches them.



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