Ribboned Box For eBottles Weed Jars Packaging

Key Features:

  • Ribbon pull tab + All-paper material box
  • Carved for eBottles weed jars and bottles
  • Classic drawer box style
  • Paper insert

(Demo only: Jars are not included)


This ribboned box is specially designed for eBottles packaging with a slide-out box structure.

E-Bottle, another bottle brand that is popular among all cannabis brands, their certificated child-resistant packaging bottles and jars, CBD dropper bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, and jars are widely used in cannabis-related products.

Brands that are using eBottles products as the primary packaging for their product might consider a rigid ribboned box as the secondary packaging to bring your packaging onto another level.


Custom Gift Boxes With Ribbon For eBottles Packaging

A high-quality eBottles jar deserves high-quality secondary packaging.

Our rigid ribboned boxes are made of robust 1200gsm cardboard that protects the glass jars and ensures a long shelf life.

Except for the ribbon pull tab, the whole box is paper-made.

It contains a sturdy outer box, a cardboard inner tray, and a folding paper insert.

With custom die-cut on the paper insert, you can customize this box for almost all your eBottles jars and bottles.


Fully Printable Ribboned Box Protecting Your eBottles From Lights & Heat

Paper boxes are well-accepted due to the below reasons,

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Lower MOQ and easy to customize in size and printing methods
  • Rigid boxes can protect fragile bottles from damage and scratches
  • Opaque paper boxes can protect cannabis products, like flowers, and wax from light and heat


Custom Made Child-resistant Box If You Are Using Non-Childproof Jars & Bottles

What makes us different from other paper box manufacturers is that we can cater to all your cannabis packaging needs.

We can achieve it if you are not using child-resistant weed jars, bottles, and dropper bottles and require Child-safe secondary packaging.

We can adjust this box, add a child-resistant mechanism, and make it a child-safe box for all your eBottles products.

Never limit your customization in MarijuanaPackagingSolution.com. Share your packaging concept with us, and let’s work together to make that happen.



Paper secondary packaging for weed jars, cannabis jars, plastic weed containers, concentrate jars
hash jars, CBD bottles, wax jars, and dropper bottles

(Fully customizable) For 1 gram jars and glass containers, 1ml dropper, 30ml container, 50ml, and 60ml bottles,
0.5oz bottle, 1oz containers, bottles, 16oz bottle.


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