Weed Jars Packaging Paper Tube

Key Features

  • Cost-effective secondary packaging for flower jars
  • Fully customizable in sizes and printing
  • Telescopic paper tubes
  • 100% biodegradable

MOQ: 1000pcs


Are you looking for weed jars secondary packaging?  Then, this is right for you.

The cardboard tube is fully customizable in size. So no matter what size of weed jars you are using, we can make the tube size to fit best the jars, ranging from 1oz jars to 18oz.


Marijuana flowers are usually stored in a wide mouth, straight-sided jars made of glass or plastic. Most of the jars are designed with a child-resistant cap.

Dispensaries and stores may apply a printed label onto the jar and leave it like that.

However, with the fast development of the cannabis industry, more brands are considering branding for all their product lines, including cannabis flower packaging.

Instead of customizing a glass jar with minimal customization options and very high MOQ, customizing a printing flower packaging tube is indeed the most cost-effective solution.


You can print your logo and all other branding artwork onto the tube body and the paper disc on the bottom and top.

Different inserts can be added according to your requirements.

Most importantly, the rigid paper tube can be a protective container for your weed jars, especially during transportation.

The whole tube itself is all-paper material and is 100% recyclable.


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