Mini Joints Box

Key Features 

  • Specially designed for multi-pack mini joints
  • A creative paper insert layout
  • Worry-free protection
  • A combo of portability & fashion
  • A greener packaging option


This mini joints box is specially made for mini pre-roll joints, typically a half gram or less of cannabis flower. Besides being custom printable and fully recyclable as other paper boxes are, this mini joints box also features:

  • A creative insert layout. There is a custom paper divider to separately accommodate multiple mini joints and matchsticks. Whether you want to do a 5-pack or 10-pack, the inner usable space is always customizable.
  • Worry-free protection. Made of 1,000 gsm thick cardboard, this rigid box protects the mini pre rolls inside from being bent or deformed. We are confident that this is the most sturdy cardboard mini joint box you can find on the market.
  • A combo of portability and fashion. This mini joints box is perfectly pocket-sized, so people can carry it around easily. This fashionable slide drawer style also sets it apart as a mini pre-roll joints box.
  • A greener packaging option. We notice that tin/plastic containers are widely used to pack mini joints. We are offering this 100% paper/cardboard box as a more sustainable packaging option.

If you ever have a packaging question or project you would like to discuss, our packaging veterans are always happy to help.

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