Child-resistant Tin Box For Cannabis Edible & Joint

Key Features 

  • Child-resistant slide-out design
  • Food-grade tinplate container
  • Vintage packaging style
  • Reusable and recyclable


A tin box is a tinplate container. It’s a discreet and vintage packaging solution for cannabis products.

Some brands and customers are big fans of products stored in tin containers, especially cigarettes and joints.

A well-designed and printed tin box are genuinely classic and eyecatching in a dispensary.

Child-resistant Tin Box For Cannabis-related Products

Tin can packaging is never a new thing in the cannabis packaging world.

You can see cannabis edibles, mints, gummies, pre-roll joints, and blunts packed in a weed tin box in a dispensary.

With standardization in the cannabis industry, child-resistant tin boxes have become a new demand for some brands. That’s why we bring this packaging solution.

Square Tin Containers With Press-And-Slide Childproof Design

The tin container comes in a sliding style. With your fingers pressing both sides of the tin box, you can slide the lid off.

The childsafe mechanism makes it senior-friendly and protects the cannabis products from children and pets.

Compared to hinged lid tin tubes, the sliding style looks more sleek and simple.

Custom Metal Tin Containers & Vintage Tin Containers

Suppose you are not into plastic nor paper packaging for your brands and products.

In that case, vintage containers can be exciting for you.

The tinplate material endows an “old-school” look, which is very attractive to specific consumer groups.

Custom Printed Tin Containers With Your Designed Artwork

We can print your designed artwork directly onto the tin box instead of applying a label, ensuring a more high-end look.

Compared to a neutral tin box with printed labels, a printed tin can have a much more luxurious look and make the best of the tinplate material.

Eco-friendly Mint Tin Packaging & Tins For Mints

The metal tin tube is recyclable and re-usable. It’s a sustainable packaging solution for marijuana products that eliminate waste (zero plastic used).

They are one of the most easily recyclable styles of cannabis packaging available.

It’s a perfect packaging option for cannabis edibles and joints.

Different from plastic packaging, tin jar offers super durability, security, and portability for cannabis products.

It’s trouble-free in that it won’t contaminate any cannabis flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls.


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